Ever since I was a little girl, I looked forward to Christmas for the beautiful gifts and merry time it always brought along. Waking up to the aroma of walnut cake baked by my Mom followed by watching animated Christmas cartoons on TV on the frosty holiday was a different feeling altogether. The best part however was to decorate the Christmas tree and exchange surprise gifts with my siblings.

Although, those times aren’t there anymore but the little girl in me felt the same excitement and feelings of the happy time when I received my Christmas special bag from Nature’s Co.
It is a cute looking Christmas special limited edition Fab bag full of goodies and love from the brand. Thanks Nature’s Co. oops Santa! for making my Christmas merry and special again!

I said thanks Santa because I have such bad weakness for bath and body products and only Santa knows what we truly desire from all our heart. So did you guess, what all goodies I’m talking about? Yes, Body Butters and Body Scrubs!! And that too, all pure and natural from Nature’s Co. So girls, without wasting much of your time, here’s what all I got in my Nature’s Co. Limited Edition Fab Bag:

The Nature’s Co. Chocolate Mint Body Butter

Chocolate mint body butter is the perfect way to quench your skin’s thirst for moisture and nourishment and indulge your senses with this refreshing and warm aroma of chocolate and mint.

The Nature’s Co. Mixed Berry Body Butter

I’m a real sucker for perfumed body lotions and body creams. Fruity, feminine, and marvelously moisturizing, this mixed berry body butter from The Nature’s Co. leaves you smelling of berries and mixed fruits.

The Nature’s Co. Hazelnut Sugar Body Scrub


No need to visit the spa to get rid of your dark, dull, rough skin. As you can now defeat dull skin without breaking the bank by simply using this ultra-exfoliating Hazelnut sugar scrub in comfort of your own bath.
I used it on my whole body and it did a great job in buffing away all the rough areas, revealing soft smooth skin.

The Nature’s Co. Cocoa Body Scrub


An exfoliating but highly rich and creamy mousse kind of a body scrub, this cocoa body scrub with the richness and nourishment of cocoa will leave you asking for more. It gently exfoliates the skin, while deeply hydrating it at the same time.

But above all these goodies, what I loved the most is the cute little red and white kit. Must say The Nature’s Co. completely sealed the deal with their cute packaging and won my heart! Did you get any special gift this year? I would love to know about the special gifts you got that made your day. And also what’s your way of celebrating Christmas and what makes you feel truly happy and special.

Christmas-gift-from-the-nature's-co-limited-edition-fab-bagWhile, these gifts are just the icing on the cake and real gift is our family, anytime.
I feel lucky and blessed to have a wonderful family to make my every occasion special with their love and care. And this family now extends to you all dear readers.

Thanks for your constant love and support, R2B is soaring new heights. And this time, we will be celebrating second Christmas with more members, joy, gifts, and love. Hope this love and joy remains multiplying. If you haven’t joined R2B yet, subscribe and be a part of the beautiful family today!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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