When it comes to cleansing and hygiene, there is nothing like a splash of water on your skin or washing away the germs from your hands with a good hand wash. Although, cleansing with soap and water is the ideal thing to do, it is not always the case. Sometimes you’re on the go and it is just not possible to do the complete soap and water routine.

Wipes come to your rescue in such a scenario. I never realized their importance in my beauty routine until I got married to a travel enthusiast! Life was always on the go and wipes were the easiest skincare ritual to maintain. Then I had my baby. Wipes now became a part and parcel of my daily life. I sincerely thank the person who invented wipes. My life would never have been so comfortable without them.

While, I stick to Johnson’s baby wipes for my son and daily use, I have experimented with a lot of facial wipes for cleansing during my travels. True, there are wipes to make you feel refreshed, wipes to feel moisturized, wipes to remove makeup, and even sunscreen wipes for sun protection! But one thing I truly missed in all these different skincare wipes is protection against germs!

Superficial cleaning isn’t enough until your skin and surroundings are protected against germs, the real culprit! So while these wet facial wipes provide you with all the skincare benefits, they are lacking in one essential aspect of soap and water cleansing: germicidal protection! So when I first saw the ad for Dettol multi-use wipes on TV, I was like, here comes the real deal maker!

Impulsively acting on the hunch, I got a new pack of these Dettol multi-use wipes, despite having a full pack of wet wipes at home. Now whether Dettol has impressed me or disappointed me with their wipes, read full review of Dettol multi-use wipes to discover:

Price: INR 115

Quantity: 30 wipes

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My Experience with Dettol Multi-Use Wipes

Coming to health and hygiene, Dettol is an old and trusted brand.
We all have used and still use their antiseptic, hand-wash, soap, and sanitizer for complete cleanliness and total protection against germs.  And the original green and white packaging of these multi-use wipes reminded of the same confidence and trust.

They are white in color and very moist. A whiff of its scent and it sent me back to summers with the refreshing feel of Dettol skincare soap in shower! The clean and fresh feeling is unmatchable. And when I read about the benefits and use of these wipes, I got truly excited. The wipes can be used both for skin and surfaces. Isn’t this exciting!

Since, before everything else I am a beauty junkie, I took out a wipe and tested it for removing makeup. The moist wipe felt extremely soft on my skin. One, two, three swipes and pheww!….all traces of my makeup gone! But if you use deeply pigmented dark makeup, I doubt the wipes would be as efficient.

But the best part is these Dettol wipes are alcohol free and so do not dry the skin. Also, they not only clean the skin but also remove germs and bacteria from your skin! So these wipes can prove to be really great for acne prone skin.

Although, my son is five now, I sometimes use wipes to clean his bottom after poop. He has highly sensitive skin but these PH neutral Dettol wipes turned out to be completely gentle on his skin.
Another great use I have found for these wipes is for cleaning my son’s toys, his table, my dressing table, makeup kits, brushes and kitchen shelf.

I’m really impressed with Dettol multi-use wipes and I feel I’ll soon become addicted to them as I’m using them obsessively for nearly everything. They are highly travel-friendly and easy to carry in your purse and handbag. After all, their best use is for traveling and outdoor purposes. Indeed this is a multi-purpose must-have product from Dettol!


  • First multi-use wipes to offer total cleansing with 100% germ protection
  • Refreshing scent
  • PH neutral so gentle on the skin
  • Alcohol free and contain emollients to moisturize the skin
  • Germicidal action makes them great for travel purposes and acne prone skin
  • Can be used for removing makeup, cleaning hands, face, neck and even baby’s bottom
  • Can be used for cleaning makeup kits, boxes, brushes, dressing drawers, tops, and kitchen shelf
  • Travel-friendly attractive packaging
  • Readily available and easy to carry


  • May not be great for removing deeply pigmented makeup
  • Do not offer sun protection but that’s not even expected from these germicidal cleansing wipes

R2B Rating: 4.9/5 (-0.1 due to lack of sun protection. If they also offer sun protection, it would make them all in all!)

Overall Take:

Overall, Dettol multi-use wipes are the best wipes I have used. They come out fair on all their claims and offer complete value for money. Also by offering germicidal protection, they are great for maintaining both hygiene and skincare on the go. They are gentle on the skin and effective on the surfaces. I would highly recommend these wipes to all.

Have you tried Dettol multi-use wipes? If yes, how has your experience been with these wipes.
I would love to know about your thoughts on Dettol wipes, please share them in comments below.

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Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. I am gonna get these soon..these are going to be permanent in my travel kit i guess 🙂 Thanks for the review..

    • Anshulika Chawla at Reply

      Most welcome dear.

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