thai massage2Sorry, for taking so long in posting my next review. I was away for a long holiday in Thailand and was in no mood to let anything tamper with those sweet and sassy memories of the trip. So be it my love for reading and blogging, I was ready to sacrifice all to linger on to the luxuriating feeling of holiday and happiness! The beauty of holiday in Thailand is that it offers both adventure and relaxation in one bag.

Besides enjoying adventure sports, having fun at the beach, and reveling to the glory of a happening night-life, one of the things you must experience in Thailand is the magnificent relaxation of a Thai Body Massage. For years, I had only heard about those sublime Thai massages that not only instill in you a feeling of total relaxation but also make you aware of the sensuality and uniqueness of your own body.

So when my husband asked to get body massage done after a hectic tour in the evening, I jumped upon the experience I had been waiting for. Though, you can find massage parlors everywhere you look around, most of these places look like bars than being a decent Thai massage place.

Fortunately, for us, we did not had to wander the streets to find an acceptable place to get our first Thai massage, as there was a good decent looking parlor located just a few steps from our hotel near Patong Beach in Phuket. Far from being a parlor, I found the place rather spiritual. We were asked to remove our shoes outside and made to sit on a wooden bench.

As we spent a few moments browsing through their menu, two pleasing Thai women placed our feet in a tub of water to remove the dirt and dust from travel and walking. After a quick rinse, they motioned us upstairs for the main event. Upstairs, it was a completely different environment. The room was lit by candles and soothing music played through all the massage chambers separated with curtains.

thai massage roomAt this point, they asked us to remove our clothes and get dressed in traditional clothing suitable for massage. This included a pair of pants that looked like over-sized capris and a top for women that seemed like a hospital gown. Unlike, other body massages, this traditional Thai massage is done without any oils or creams. Of all the different types of massages mentioned in the menu, it is this Thai massage that requires most skill.

Your whole body gets massaged, including your head and feet. While, it was a total relaxing and nurturing experience, one of the best things I experienced was it left my cervical ridden neck and shoulder with so much less tension than I ever thought was possible. Although, I must confess, I was a little worried when the therapist asked me relax in a position I never found favorable with my body.

But soon she placed a pillow behind my spine and her bent knee beside me. Then she gently placed my arm upon her bent knee. There I relaxed in great comforting posture, while she worked upon my shoulders. All my worries vanished and I felt totally calm and secure in skilled hands. The whole experience was divine and soothing that I dozed in and out of the complete time of the treatment.

thai massageMy body has never felt so open and relaxed in life. Its been a few weeks now but  I can still feel the lightness and calmness in my limbs and movement. It is certainly a boon for those who have problems with movement or suffer from sore and stiff muscles and joints. The standard traditional Thai massage costs anywhere between 150 Baht to 300 Baht, depending upon the location and place of the parlor. I got it done for 200 Baht in Phuket.

Tip: To fully enjoy and benefit from the experience, try keeping your mind empty and focus only on the pleasure.




Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. What a lovely tranquil room for a massage. These pics make me want to get a massage now! 🙂

    • Anshulika Chawla at Reply

      the tranquility of the room actually added to the cumulative relaxed experience…it was truly ecstatic..get one to feel recharged and refreshed.

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