Benefits of Massage Therapy to heal Sore Muscles

Muscle sores can be quite a bother to your functionality especially if you have work to do, this is because any work that you will need to do is aided by muscles, even eating, you cannot eat if your muscles are not working properly, how else can you lift your arm to put food in your mouth, this is how important muscles can be to the body. When you experience muscle sores you should immediately try to find a solution, if you consulted a therapist, they will always encourage you to take up massage sessions because it might be just the most effective treatment.

Muscle sores are commonly caused by tension in the muscles, stress too can cause a lot of muscle sores, the overuse of muscles, I think this is the common one; we sometimes work just too much for our muscles to bear, finally, this can be caused by minor injuries. The pain that one undergoes when they have such a problem is not for a whole body; rather it is just for a specific point that has been affected. If this happens for a long time, you will need to see a professional home service massage such as My Home Therapy for help. Massage can be quite helpful when dealing with sore muscles in very many ways, these ways include:

7 Benefits of Massage Therapy for Healing Sore Muscles

· Massage eases muscle pain

One of the outcomes of sore muscle pain in muscles, this can be very severe depending on the point where there the sore is, and different muscles on the body have different pain receptors hence you will find one muscle is more painful when affected than the other. Well, massage comes in to curb this effect because the first thing for a sore muscle is to ease the pain when massage is done at the area that is affected a big relief will be realized and it will automatically lead to healing of the sore muscles.

· Massage relaxes the muscles

One of the reasons for muscle sores we have talked about is muscle tension; massage on a specific muscle is intended at making the muscle relax because for the pain to be relieved, the muscles must relax first, different techniques of massage can be used like kneading or stroking the muscles to help achieve this relaxing effect of the muscles. Massage also improves circulation of blood at the affected area, which helps in taking oxygen and required nutrients to the affected muscle and as a result, reduces the stiffness of the muscles and this leads to the healing of muscles that are injured or sore.

· Massage improves blood circulation

Massage is very important when it comes to the improvement of blood circulation. Due to kneading and stroking on the muscles, there is improved pressure in blood flow hence the circulation is improved. Circulation of blood is very important to sore muscles; this is because there is fresh blood coming in that is loaded with nutrients, oxygen and antibiotics which helps greatly in the process of healing of the muscles. For this reason, massage would be very important for the sore muscles.

· Massage improves posture

One of the things that are so commonly related to muscle sores is the change in the alignment of the body muscles and the body posture, this is very dangerous because it can disable you from doing anything because it basically affects the muscles functioning. Massage is very important in getting back the body muscles into alignment again. Constant massage sessions will help in the realignment of the body again; this is very important because it eliminates the tension of the muscles and makes the muscles relax. This important process will help to alleviate the pain from the sore muscles hence healing them.

· Massage improves flexibility

Flexibility is a very big issue when it comes to muscle sores, when the muscles are sore they have a problem with flexibility, the muscles can’t move because of the extended pain that is felt. This is where massage comes in handy, when your muscles undergo a massage, they will find relaxation and of course the pain will reduce, as a result. When the pain gets eliminated from the sore muscles it will be very easy to move the muscles around hence flexibility is achieved.

· Massage eliminates fatigue
One of the things that escalate the condition of sore muscles is fatigue when the muscles are fatigue the sore muscles cannot heal up because the healing of the sore muscles needs the muscle to be relaxed and with no pain, fatigue hinder this to happen. Massage can help in this situation because when it is done on the specific muscles, it eliminates fatigue in the muscles and causes the muscles to relax; this is the very important step to the healing of muscle sores. Hence massage becomes a very important process in the healing of the sore muscles.

· Massage reduces blood pressure

The pressure of the blood is very important as far as sore muscles are concerned, this is because, when the pressure is too high it may cause swelling in the affected area due to tension of muscles which hinters swift blood flow. Massage plays a very big role when it comes to lowering of blood pressure, when massage is done at the affected area; it softens the muscles which in turn allow the blood to flow without too much pressure making the sore muscle heal faster.

To sum up on this, you will realize that massage is very important in healing of the muscle sore, all massage does is get the muscles soft and relieve the pain and then healing will come automatically. When you experience muscle sore you will then need to get a massage on the specific muscle that is experiencing the problem and you can be sure of healing up

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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