ethnic rhinoplasty benefits

The desire to be beautiful and appealing dates from when people became aware of their physical characteristics and how these affect others. With the advancement of science, technology, and medicine, people today can make fundamental changes to their looks. Rhinoplasty is one of the methods for which the majority of patients, who need plastic surgeons, decide.

ethnic rhinoplasty benefitsFor many years, white people were considered the ideals of beauty. Plastic surgeons relied on this theory. Fortunately, the standards are changing. Each race has its own characteristic facial features and unique beauty. Therefore, the term ‘ethnic rhinoplasty’ has been introduced to medical science. It emphasizes the differences among members of the world’s nations. Surgeons who perform these operations will respect the wishes of the patient, but without changing their ethnic characteristics drastically.


Expectations from Ethnic Rhinoplasty

There are two fundamental reasons why people decide on rhinoplasty. The first one is health, and the other is aesthetic. An unattractive aesthetic appearance of the nose can be caused by hereditary factors, earlier illnesses or injuries. Indications for the reshaping of the nose include the asymmetry of the nasal structure, dissatisfaction with its size, nose curvature, lowered nose tip, and so on.

ethnic rhinoplasty benefitsPatients visiting a plastic surgeon usually come with a vision of how they want their nose to look after surgery. These wishes are often unrealistic, not just for ethical reasons. Sometimes it is not possible to make a small, snub nose of a flat and wide nose, and not to change the look of your entire face. The point of ethnic rhinoplasty is not to completely change your personal description, but only to highlight your beauty and remove the defects you are not happy with.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure

Procedures of ethnic rhinoplasty begin by examining the patient’s facial lines. You’ll have something like a medical photo session – a doctor will take pictures of your nasal profile and front from different angles. Some doctors use special programs to show patients how their nose should look according to their facial characteristics.

ethnic rhinoplasty procedureThe most common surgeries are the return of the symmetry of the distorted nasal bone, the removal of the hump, the narrowing of the nasal bone, and the lift of the nose tip. These are procedures that do not cause an excessive change in the length of the nasal bone, which is one of the critical differences between races.
People are beautiful in their own way, and our excellence reflects in our heterogeneity. On the link below, read how science observes and divide us by our facial characteristics:

In principle, ethnic rhinoplasty does not differ much from an ordinary nose job. The procedure itself is the same; maybe some finesse in the postoperative course varies. For example, in the case of a dark-skinned patient, the scars can heal slower due to thicker facial skin. Every experienced plastic surgeon should know the specifics of each genotype.

Preparation for Ethnic Rhinoplasty

If you want to undergo ethnic rhinoplasty just to look better, not because of health, you should wait until your nose completes its growth. In females, this usually happens at the age of 15; in males, puberty last a bit longer, so all growth processes related to it will finish later. However, if you need surgery because of breathing difficulties, doctors can suggest rhinoplasty at a younger age.

ethnic rhinoplasty benefitsPatients should be completely physically and mentally healthy. If a person has complexes because of the nose, the surgery will not solve them; this problem also requires working with a psychologist. When the surgeon concludes that you are mentally ready for surgery, the next step is a physical examination and performing all the necessary tests.

Your results must be good, as you’ll go under general anaesthesia. The surgeon will examine your history of illness and ask you about the current medications you are using, as well as about the medical conditions that you suffer from. If you have some chronic disease, a surgeon will advise you to see your physician. You’ll need their approval before deciding on plastic surgery.

Nasal structure affects the appearance of the whole face. If you are not happy with how it looks, and that bothers you, it can cause some psychological issues. Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with its shape or size, but you don’t want to lose your ethnic and personal identity, ethnic rhinoplasty is a real deal.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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