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Have you ever used beard oil? This grooming product has won the hearts of men owing to its nourishing and moisturizing properties. It not only assists males in combing through their facial hair but makes beards look healthy and nourished.

The moisturizing role of these products is effective in the prevention of dandruff and itchiness. Not only facial hair benefits from these oils, but the skin experiences an improvement in elasticity and hydration as well. Besides the ingredients, the scent, hair type, application, and environment play a major role in the choice of product.

When shopping for quality beard oil, these are the most important factors to consider.


The inceptive thing to take into consideration is the ingredients, which are supposed to be natural and non-comedogenic. The ingredients shouldn’t block the skin pores or deprive your beard of its natural moisture. On the contrary, these are expected to moisturize, soften, and smooth facial hair in order to prevent skin dryness and irritation.

The leading ingredient in these cosmetic products is the carrier oil whose job is to carry the essential oil. The most prominent variants of the former are argan, jojoba, coconut, and grapeseed oil. Argan is touted for its moisturizing and healing properties, which make facial hair look shiny and healthy. This ingredient is abundant in fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Once absorbed, it doesn’t make the beard look greasy.

Moreover, jojoba oil is another sought-after ingredient, rich in vitamin E, vitamin B, iodine, zinc, chromium, and copper. Men whose skin is susceptible to acne breakouts are recommended to look for products containing this ingredient. Apart from vitamins and minerals, this ingredient is also plentiful in fatty acids, such as erucic, oleic, and gadoleic acid.

Additionally, the non-allergenic nature of jojoba makes it an excellent ingredient for men with sensitive skin. The role of vitamin E is to increase moisture and enhance the skin’s elasticity while protecting it against UV rays. Also, it assists the process of beard thickening in men with thin facial hair. Conversely, vitamin B provides anti-aging benefits. Click here to learn more about the reasons for using jojoba for hair.

Coconut oil is another popular ingredient in these cosmetic products, rich in saturated fats and fatty acids. The former improves derma hydration, whereas the latter provides antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. In contrast, grapeseed oil is boasted for its antioxidant qualities and the incredible speed of skin absorption. It boosts collagen production and contributes to the health of one’s facial hair

Hair type

Another crucial factor to take into account when shopping for beard oil is your type of facial hair. For instance, some men have a dry beard, while others struggle with oily facial hair. Make sure you pay attention to the softness and shine of your beard as well.

For instance, men with dry beards are suggested to look for products with argan unlike those with sensitive skin. In case your derma is overly sensitive, shop for beard oil containing grapeseed, jojoba, and aloe vera. The last ingredient does wonders when it comes to hair softening and hydration. Due to the difference in hair types, refrain from purchasing the same products your friends use. Even if particular product is suitable for your friend, it doesn’t mean it’ll be compatible with your type of skin and facial hair.


The scent of beard oils is an important aspect to consider when looking for such a grooming product. Men are provided with both scented and unscented goods, depending on the choice of ingredients. Keep in mind that artificial smells are much more powerful when compared to those provided by essential oils.

Therefore, it’s important for men to check the ingredient list in search of the ingredients responsible for scent. Those products with natural scents are supposed to have essential oils included in the ingredient list, not artificial fragrances.

Men wearing cologne, on the other hand, find unscented goods most convenient. In order not to mix the scent of the cologne with that of the grooming product, men should opt for products with no scent. These are also favourable for males with sensitive skin, as some essential extracts might cause irritation.


Apart from paying attention to the product’s quality, buyers are also advised to consider the ease of application. It’s supposed to have a rich texture for convenient application, being a liquid instead of a gel. Bear in mind that gel-like grooming products are more likely to make users’ facial hair greasy.

Moreover, the container and cap of the product are essential regarding the application. Make sure you purchase beard oil stored in an amber glass container, as this material is resistant to UV rays. The shelf life of grooming products is much affected by ultraviolet light.

In terms of the cap, always look for a bottle with dropper for a better application. It assists men in measuring the exact number of drops, which isn’t the case with containers without a dropper. Three to ten drops of oil are recommended to use, depending on the thickness and length of one’s facial hair. It’s best applied after having a shower or a bath, as hot water induces absorption by opening the skin pores.


The environment is another valuable aspect to take into consideration. Prior to making a purchase, one is supposed to be mindful of the local climate. For instance, dry climates have a drying effect on the facial hair of men, making it overly crude. In contrast, humid climates make beards greasy.

Men dwelling in dry climates are supposed to apply larger amounts of oil to reduce dryness, while those living in wet climates should look for products containing jojoba. Regarding storage, the bottle is never supposed to be exposed to boiling or freezing temperatures in order to prevent spoilage.

Final word

Every man should take proper care of the health of his beard.

Regular application of oil is vital for hydration, softness, and nourishment!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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