pearl jewellery is in trend, flatters complexion

If you think diamonds are a girl’s best friend, think again.

With ‘girls in pearls’ on the spring-summer 2017 runways, pearl jewellery is no more relegated to your grandmother’s closet and is making a big fashion come back. Thanks to the influence of celebrities like Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley for having the courage to wear lots and lots of pearls with modern outfits; pearl jewellery is in trend and has successfully replaced diamond jewellery as a staple among fashionistas world-wide.

pearl jewellery is in trendChanging view on pearl jewellery

By proposing pearls on the runway for the autumn and winter 2016-2017 collection, Chanel, one of the classical pearl jewelry fashion brands along with patronage from global glam icons has introduced pearls to a new generation of consumers, who are not the grannies’ of the 50s or the royal queens and ‘maharanis’ of the century but more and more young girls with a flair for fashion and a taste for style.

Besides Chanel, numerous other popular jewellery brands have also reinvented pearl jewellery for young modern girls. No wonder, the conventional view of pearl jewellery as old-school has totally changed and the younger fashion conscious generation now feel completely at ease to wearing classic pearl earrings to night clubs and parties.

Diamond vs pearl jewellery: Why you should prefer pearls over diamonds?

Stuck in the diamond vs pearl conundrum? While, the flash of diamonds remains a candy to many material girls, the natural beauty and versatility of pearls has its own appeal. Here are top 6 reasons why should prefer pearl jewellery over diamond jewellery:

  1. Pearls have a long history

ancient roman pearl jewellery crownThe rarity of natural pearl has been an object of wonder and value since ancient times. “Roman women wore them to sleep, Julius Caesar was a great patron and, in 19th-century Europe, royalty valued them above all other precious gems.”

  1. Look flattering on complexion

pearl jewellery illuminates complexionWhile, the spark of a diamond draws attention to its own glimmer, the natural liveliness and unique shine of pearls capture light in way that illuminates the whole face and complexion of the wearer.

  1. Go with anything

classic pearl jewellery setQuite apart from the flattering effect on the complexion, pearls have unique go-with-anything charm that makes them to be highly versatile and valuable addition to any jewellery collection. No wonder, pearl jewellery is in trend and a classic pearl jewellery set would be a prized possession.

  1. Prized for the bride who doesn’t like gold

indian pearl jewellery for modern brideIf not for wedding, pearls certainly make a great choice for engagement or reception party. A classic pearl jewellery set would not only give you that offbeat look but also help you let your own style shine at the wedding instead of the same run-of-the-mill gold laden bridal look!

  1. Effective and economical

While, given its surging popularity, rising price and royal allure, pearl jewellery is still an effective and economical option over diamond jewellery that requires tremendous cutting and polishing.

  1. Symbol of beauty and sophistication

pearl jewellery as symbol of charm and sex appealWhere diamonds are a tally of the economic and romantic status of their wearers, pearl is a symbol of its wearer’s natural beauty, charm, sophistication and sex appeal. No wonder, from the sirens of the film world to the famous queens and authority women have all regularly accessorized their outfits with pearls.

  1. Pearl jewellery is in trend

pearl jewellery is in trendPearls are back into trend and contemporary jewelry designers are breathing new life into them through their resolutely modern designs.

So girls, it’s time to update your fashion quotient and get cool with the fact that pearls are your new best friend. The real thing or the faux paux, girls don’t hold back and give in to this latest jewellery trend for a highly modern yet classy and sophisticated look.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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