Tips for Choosing the Right Tattoo Artist in Phuket

One of the most important things that you should do before getting tattoos is to find the right artist or studio. You can know more about tattoos when you click here. Some just acted on a whim and entered the nearest studio in Phuket that they saw without thinking about the consequences.

Many may be lucky to walk away with beautiful and exquisite tattoos on their arms, but some may not be so fortunate. Get helpful tips on choosing the right designer in this article. The result that you can expect includes getting a design that you can proudly show to your friends and family and knowing that you had made the right decision.

Things to Remember

Wait Patiently and Take Your Time

Your friends are bragging about it, and you also want to experience what it feels like to be inked. However, it is recommended that you take your time and think things thoroughly if a tattoo is really for you. The tats are going to stay with you until you die, so never rush into getting inked.

Go to Studios in Phuket

You can always shop around and see which shops in Phuket are offering the best services. Some of the shops like Inked Machine have a sterile and hygienic environment in Thailand. These studios can show you their work of art through pictures from previous clients. Ask around and if possible, stay inside the shop and watch how they work.

If the artists are willing to help you with the design and answer your questions in a friendly way, then there’s a huge chance that they are the right ones that you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are wandering about in the studio for almost 15 minutes and no one even bothered to ask you about your needs, steer clear of them and look for another one.

Check and Scrutinize their Work

Being an artist is not a requirement to scrutinize someone’s job. You will know whether they have done a good or bad job with the quality of their previous work. Get portfolios and view pictures from their websites or in their shop. If possible, look at how they work and don’t get swept with the beautiful images they show you.

What you need is an artist that can draw smoothly. The lines should not look shaky, jagged, or jumpy. The colors should complete the blank areas, and the ovals should look like their shapes. Don’t just trust your friends and family’s words. Be objective when you scrutinize since it’s your body that’s going to get inked up.

Get Recommendations

Your friends and families may be the first to tell you which artist has provided them with excellent service. You can steer clear of the studios that garnered a bad reputation because of their work quality and how their artists treat their clients. However, when your friends recommend a certain artist, make sure to ask them why.

They can tell you a lot about their experience and whether they are recommending an artist. You can also gauge whether the artist is an expert in the trade with the way your friend’s tattoo is done. Be outgoing, and don’t be afraid to ask your neighbor if they have great tattoos. Most people love to talk about their inks, and they will tell you a wealth of things that they have experienced during the process.

Other Things to Look For

1. Clean Environment

Regardless of the studio that you are visiting in Phuket, you need a clean and tidy one. This is the first object that you should consider, and this can be a deal-breaker. Some of the hygienical rules that the artist should consider include sealed and single-used needles, there are disposable gloves, and tissue paper is covering every tool that is needed for the process. There should be no infection, end of discussion.

2. Social Media Accounts

Nowadays, it’s a hassle to go door-to-door for tattoo shops. What you can do is to search for excellent artists near your area in Phuket. The trustworthy and legitimate ones can show you the staff that will ink you, a portfolio of their previous creations, and a video on how they do things. A quick search will let you know how a specific artist works and their inks’ quality and color.

3. Style

Many people can draw different subjects, and these include the design that you want on your body. Read more about the common designs of tattoos here: But some people specialize in certain styles and fields, and these are ones that you should be searching for.

If you want to get inked with a Chinese dragon, be sure to get to know someone who has done previous designs like these. The dragon should look fierce, and it should not risk looking like a little lizard. Each of the styles that you want can be meticulous, and certain rules need to be followed, so make sure that your artist knows about these things.

4. Price

This might be irrelevant but know that you should not shop for price alone. You get inked in a certain part of your body just once, and you will carry it throughout your life. The expense is well worth it. The process is not something like Botox, where you need to go every few months for treatments.

What you need is someone competent and famous. Even if the tattoos are expensive, then know that the investment will be well worth it. What you can do is to shop around and see which ones are doing a great job for a premium price.

A Final Word Now that you have an idea of choosing your artist, you can start doing research and get pieces of information that you need today. Some people only get a one-shot in getting inked, and this is something that they never want to mess up with. Get lots of information and talk to the artist before getting that tattoo.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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