How to Choose the Best Accessories for You

The perfect accessories are like icing on a cake… A great finishing touch for an already solid foundation. But, choosing the best accessories can be difficult. How do you know what will work well with your coloring and shape of face? What accessories go well together, and which, when paired, become too distracting and overwhelming? Getting it right can be difficult, but there are tricks to help!

Here are some tips on how to choose the best accessories for you:

Skin Type

How to Choose the Best Accessories for You

If you have a light or fair complexion, it’s not going to be difficult choosing the accessories. Almost any color used both as dark and light is suitable for your bright skin. Just match it ultimately with the clothing hue of your outfit.

Choosing bright, neon colors may make you look washed out. Instead, select pastel or darker colors like lavender or navy blue.  And don’t forget your neutrals! Neutrals are a fabulous option for any wardrobe, because they can be worn with many different outfits. Neutrals include ivory, gray, beige, & many more.

Darker complexions and olive skin tones also look great in darker colors but can more easily carry off brighter tones. White and cream, which can be difficult for fairer complexions to wear well, are also great options for darker skin.

When choosing jewelry, be aware of your skin tone. Cooler skin tones are most flattered by light or white metals, like silver or white gold. A great choice for this skin tone might be thin white gold hoop earrings encrusted with clear rhinestones for added sparkle.

Warmer skin tones look good in rose or yellow gold, as well as copper and brass. Select a bold choker and layer bracelets made of gold Cuban link chains for a sleek look with huge impact.

 If you are lucky enough to have a neutral skin tone, you can wear both white and yellow metals and look amazing!

Body Type

If you are overweight, it’s not going to be ideal for you to choose crowded and large accessories. Choosing sleeker or more delicate pieces is a better choice. If you want to wear statement pieces, select one and wear a couple of other simpler pieces of jewelry. For example, simple stud earrings with a large statement necklace and a delicate watch would be a great combo for your body type.

Now if you are petite, you may make use of accessories that then make you thicker or larger. However, the choices of accessories should be kept adjusted with the conditions and outfit.

No matter your body type, remember balance is key! Be careful about pairing a bold, chunky necklace with statement earrings, as that might create too much energy around your face. Better to choose either the earrings or the necklace, and complement your selection with a couple of stacks of rings or a selection of layered bracelets.

Face Shape

How to Choose the Best Accessories for You

The different shapes of the face include round, square, and oval face. If you have an oval face, there always is a suitable accessory for you. This fits almost all forms of accessory types. It’s just right to adapt the selection to the clothing worn and the type of occasion.

For a round face, use accessories that appear to lengthen your face. This can include long, cascading earrings or dangling and tear drop styles. You should avoid perfect circles or earrings in rounded shapes.

If you have a square face, earrings with rounded designs and perfect circles will be the most flattering choices. These soften the angles of your face as well as your jawline. Or opt for accessories that appear to elongate your face, like dangle earrings or a choker necklace.

Precious Metals

The materials that accessories are made up of should be considered in selecting the best accessories. If you’ll be attending a formal event, choose accessories having quality materials including gold and silver. The price may seem expensive but quality is always fashionable.

Another consideration when choosing accessories may also be your skin sensitivity. Some people are more sensitive to certain types of metal. Choose accessories that are friendly to your skin.

Accessorizing for Events

For a casual event, choose accessories that are simple, relaxed and maybe a little quirky. If you will attend a more formal event, choose accessories that feel more elegant and timeless. Your personal style is important, too. Select accessories that you love and make you feel confident and amazing!


Accessorizing can often seem intimidating or overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Use these tips to help you create amazing looks, no matter the outfit or event!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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