Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo

The Story Behind:

When it comes to hair care and hair products, I am rather vain. I do not frequently change my shampoo, until I find a really good reason to switch. Of late, I had been using a mix of TRESemme Split Remedy Split Rescue shampoo and Dove Therapy Dandruff Care for clean, smooth, and dandruff free hair.

Although, I was getting good results from the combination, the shampoos contain a lot of chemicals. And hence are far removed from being my Holy Grail shampoos. So when I first saw the bottle of New Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo that read ‘Paraben Free’, I was tempted to try it. 

Sunsilk is an expert tested and trusted brand. Co-created with Jamal Hammadi, expert in hair care and natural ingredients, Sunsilk Natural Recharge Range is infused with the goodness of ‘Ginseng Root Oil’. The new range claims to make hair look two times thicker and up to five times stronger.

Ginseng Root Oil and Hair Loss

To find out more about the connection of Ginseng Root Oil and hair care, I did my own research on the good, old, trusted Google. Much to my surprise, I found a great deal of information about the benefits of using Ginseng root oil for controlling hair fall, hair breakage, dandruff and hair loss.

In 2009, Fitness Magazine awarded its “Best Shampoo” designation to a product which contains ginseng oil for shine. Rich in various minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, Ginseng extract stimulates the scalp for hair growth. When used in hair care products, Ginseng root oil help nourish and strengthen the hair from root to tip.

Price: 132/-

Quantity: 180 ml

My Experience with the Shampoo

After reading about such tall claims of the shampoo and miraculous benefits of its natural ingredients, I was expecting dramatic results too. But when I actually tried the shampoo, it was a great let down! The shampoo did nothing to strengthen or nourish my hair.

I have very fine shoulder length hair prone to breakage, dryness and dandruff. I was expecting that this natural shampoo would at least prevent a little breakage and add a little volume, if not control hair fall or make my strands 5 times stronger. But it did nothing.

All it did well was the basic job of cleaning the hair. However, I liked the sleek light green bottle of the shampoo and its mild fruity fragrance. I also appreciate the fact that it did not dry out my hair like some other shampoos. I found the shampoo quite hydrating and didn’t feel the need to use a conditioner after wash.

The consistency of the shampoo is also okay, neither thick nor runny. After using the shampoo, my hair felt clean, hydrated and soft to touch. Nothing more, nothing less!


  • Attractive Packaging
  • Pleasing fragrance
  • Inexpensive
  • Parabens free, neutral PH
  • Cleans well


  • Contains SLS
  • Does not nourish or strengthen hair as per claims
  • May weigh down very fine hair
  • Not suitable for oily hair
  • Contains silicones

Overall Take: Overall, it’s an okay shampoo. Problem comes when you start expecting too much believing in all its tall claims. Considering, it is a drugstore shampoo that is free from parabens and has a neutral PH is a big plus. But other than being paraben free and cleaning the hair, it does nothing. Neither, does it enhances the volume nor strengthens the hair.

Rating: 3/5

Will I Repurchase: No


Written by Anshulika Chawla

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