6 Style Lessons to Steal from this Fashion Month

Let’s see, NY Fashion Week is over, Paris Fashion Week is over, and now it is up to us to answer the most important post-fashion-week question: What are you going to wear? Well, one thing is certain, your possibilities are endless. From grandad blazers, over plastic-all-the-way to some pretty unexpected colors, here are six style lessons to steal from this fashion month and give your closet some major upgrades.

In honor of that, let’s all now vigorously rip the price tags of our new fall 2017 purchases.

1. Knits

6 Style Lessons to Steal from this Fashion MonthPhoto by Caique Silva on Unsplash

Oh, so you thought that fashion just can’t go any further than it went last season? Well, have you checked the fashion shows of Sonia Rykiel or Loewe and Joseph? If you haven’t, just know that they decided to launch a thing called: modernly updated sweaters. What is this now you may ask? Let’s just say that from now on, you will see a lot of classic oversized sweaters but with a “little” twist such as dabbled broken down wool, and stretched or fringed wool. As far as we’re concerned, as long as they are comfortable, cool and fun, we totally approve.

2. Sequins

6 Style Lessons to Steal from this Fashion MonthPhoto by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

They just won’t go away, right? Their bling definitely marked the winter of 2016, and it appears that it will mark the winter of 2017 as well. Probably because any gal sure loves to shine every now and then. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate sequins into your fall and winter outfits.

  • Pair your sequin strap dress with a black or white blazer, and matching over-the-knee boots
  • Give your long sleeved basic shirt some bling with sequin shorts
  • Your black sequin trousers will go great with a white shirt, basic and beautiful Birkenstock Sandals and a black blazer
  • Basic white top and a sequin blazer will level up your ripped jeans for sure

As you can see, the key to rocking sequins is to limit these shiny pieces to one piece per outfit. Otherwise, you will just look tacky.

3. Menswear blazer

6 Style Lessons to Steal from this Fashion MonthPhoto by huyen. on Unsplash

This was probably the most popular garment of the season worn by style stars such as Kate Bock and Diane Kruger. Worn with matching trousers as a suit or combined with a pair of boyfriend jeans, this look really works for everyone. The absolute winner when it comes to the design was definitely gray plaid double-breasted blazer by Calvin Klein (aka grandad blazer) followed by velvet and simple white or black variants.

4. Layer and clash the prints

6 Style Lessons to Steal from this Fashion MonthPhoto by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

There is no more breaking the monotony of the outfit with just one statement piece, oh no. From now on, it is all or nothing. For all the print lovers out there, note that the only cool way to wear patterns now is to layer them and mash them together. For example, signature patterned midi dresses from Australia can go great with a floral blazer and high polka dot heels. Sounds strange? Just take a look at girls who felt completely free to combine snakeskin with florals, leopard and camo, and were praised by the critics.

5. Orange is the new black

6 Style Lessons to Steal from this Fashion MonthPhoto by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Was it maybe because of Halloween? Or simply because the designers got bored of minimalism – we will never know. But one thing is certain: bright colors, especially orange, were seen a lot on the runways. Also, more and more trendsetters are embracing this trend on the streets as well with orange jackets and coats, while the true fans of fashion choose to wear orange from head to toe. What will your choice be?


6. The Matrix

6 Style Lessons to Steal from this Fashion MonthPhoto by Eloise Ambursley on Unsplash

Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, what if we tell you these three words: patent, black, leather. Remember now? The fashion world has finally allowed all the Trinity fans to pay a tribute to her. In other words: when you now go jacket shopping, opt for that cool jacket in the shop window that gives away that futuristic dominatrix impression with its black leather followed by a sexy silhouette.

So, what do you think about the latest trends from this fashion month? And more importantly: do you now have the answer to “the question”? Let us know.

Written by Sophia Smith

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