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‘Natural’ and ‘Organic’ personal care products are the buzz-worthy topics in beauty world. Perceiving them as a safer and better choices over regular ones, more and more people are now turning to natural and organic cosmetics. And with strong scientific evidence linking chemicals in personal care items to disease, the shift towards natural personal care products makes sense too.

No wonder, brands small and large are introducing safe and natural products to consumers. Nature Sure is one such brand launched by Wet & Dry Personal Care Ltd. that makes purely natural, toxin-free personal care products for the consumers. The brand sent a very nice email inviting me to test and review the range of their products.

While I greatly appreciate the gesture, the review presented here is totally honest and free from any bias for the company.

Nature Sure Brand & Products Review


What’s the brand’s description of their products?

Paraben free, vegan, cruelty free, natural and plant based solutions for your body, skin and hair.

How’s the brand’s selection of their products range?

The brand’s portfolio of products includes only carefully curated items in personal care. Almost all of their products fall between the price tag of about INR 129 – 309, making them highly affordable for the masses at large.

What makes the brand special?

The brand has truly an ‘inside out’ approach to beauty. Keeping the packaging simple, the brand prioritizes on assuring purity and quality of their products. All products are unique and carefully curated keeping in mind the beauty and medicinal value of each of their ingredients.

What’s the brand’s target demographic or who can use Nature Sure Products:

The brand’s vast line of personal care products caters to the needs of everyone – men, women and children. While, the natural insect repellent roll-on can be used by anyone, I found it particularly useful for my son, whom I find extremely difficult to keep indoors!

Free from harmful chemicals and powered with the goodness of natural essential oils like lemongrass, nilgiri & neem, it’s perfect for kids!

My take and personal experience with the brand:

I’ve tried a few of their natural oils so far, all of which have herbaceous medicinal scent. If you’re a fan of herbal scents as present in products from brands like Khadi, Himalaya, Kama Ayurveda etc., you’ll probably like these.

I’ve really been loving their Kalonji oil. There are very few ayurvedic herbs which are as potent as Kalonji black cumin oil. Intrigued with its miraculous cure and claims, I did my own research and was pleasantly surprised by a dearth of information supporting its incredible healing claims.

Nature Sure natural personal care products brand kalonji oil“The black seeds of Kalonji have more than 100 medicinal components. Medically, Kalonji is used as antiseptic and beneficial for many diseases like blood sugar, blood pressure and body weight. Since, it helps to cure many diseases and disorders and helps in developing the resistance of the body, therefore, Nigella seeds are termed as excellent healer. Kalonji therapeutic aspects first came into lime light when Prophet Muhammad (Sallallhu Alaiyhi Wassallam) narrated its therapeutic benefits and its in-depth potential of diseases curability.”

I am personally using the oil for my hair loss and hair thinning issue and glad to state it has actually stopped my hair fall to an extent. For more information on the benefits of kalonji oil for hair growth and baldness, you can also refer to this article:

Nature Sure natural personal care products brand hair growth oilAnother oil, I’m using along with kalonji oil is the Hair Growth Oil with Bhringraj, Sesame, and Neelibhrigandi. I cannot say whether this oil actually promotes hair regrowth or nor, but the oil definitely helps in making your thick, strong, and lustrous. Regular use of this oil, also prevents dandruff and premature greying of hair.

Nature Sure natural personal care products brand rogan jaitun olive oilThen there is Rogan Jaitun or the Olive oil, which has won a particular favor with me. For the record, it looks a little like salad dressing but is hella moisturizing and nourishing to the skin. I mix two parts of Rogan Jaitun with one part Castor Oil, gently heat the mixture on low flame and then massage the blended oils all over my body a couple of hours before bath.

Nature Sure natural personal care products brand castor oilNot only my skin feels fabulously soft and shiny but the whole experience is incredibly relaxing and therapeutic.

Nature Sure natural personal care products brand leech oilI’m going to try the Jonk oil or the Leech oil next. The Leech oil is supposed to helpful in treating alopecia and baldness. The regular use of this oil helps prevent hair loss and provides nourishment to the scalp & hair shafts. It also aids in removing dandruff and fungus from the scalp.

Nature Sure natural personal care products brand anti acne creamI’m also going to test their Herbal Anti-acne cream, which the brand claims to be purely natural and effective in treating pimples, acne scars and even wrinkles! I have oily, acne prone skin with lots of enlarged pores and pigmentation marks and if this cream can really help me achieve smooth, pore-less skin, sign me up!

All these products are available at Flipkart, Snapdeal & Amazon. If any of these products interests you, go ahead & get it!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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