Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Extension lip Balm Review

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Lip balms are my companion all year round. I just can’t live without them. The concern with me is that I have severely dry skin and I feel it’s the driest in and around the lips area. So, I have to pay all my attention in that to keep it moisturized and soft. For this I have used a number of lip balms till date. Trust me I have used up all the varieties in terms of lip balms.

Be it the tinted ones, lip balm cum lipsticks or the heavily moisturizing lip balms. We should not also forget the extremely sticky lip balms too. I have used almost most of them and most of which have helped me only but only for short term nothing for long term. There are very few who didn’t do anything for my lips. And this time I am back with yet another lip balm review.

This is Kronokare The Frizz Cooling Extension lip Balm. Read on to know if the product is worth your lips or not.

Price: INR 95

Product Description:

Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Extension lip Balm ReviewOur super rich Vitamin E lip balm is a delicious mix of peppermint, shea butter and Sunflower, which seriously restores tired tissues and keeps your lips cool until the next kiss. Phew.

My Views :

The lip balm from the house of Kronokare comes in a very easy and fuss free packaging. It comes in a tube form which is very small. It can easily come inside any of your pockets and you can easily apply on one of your loo visits.

The tube has entire packaging details which is quite descriptive and informative from the customer’s point of view.
The texture of this lip balm is also very comfortable. The lip balm is pearl white in color and has a gel texture. But the gel spreads easily on lips. It is extremely moisturizing and not at all sticky. Plus, this lip balm is very easy to spread along your lips.

Thus, this is very easy to layer it under your lipstick. Also, since I have such disgusting dry chapped lips, thus, I always feel the need of applying a lip balm underneath the lipstick. This lip balm forms a perfect base for that and makes the lipstick application much more smoother and neat.

Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Extension lip Balm ReviewPlus, this lip balm is not at all sticky. I apply lip balm even when I am inside my home. So, I need a lip balm which is not at all sticky yet moisturizing and this one perfectly fits the bill. I use 2-3 times a day and within a week it has healed my dry lips. I am really happy with it’s performance. There are number of lip balms wherein you need to scrub your lips effectively after applying it. But with this lip balm it’s not required. So, what more do you need. Isn’t it perfect????

I am truly in love with these lip balms. It is perfect for these summers. Too light yet perfectly moisturizing. Plus, the lip balm is really decently priced. So, it would moisturize your lips without burning a hole in your pocket.

Pros of Kronokare The Frizz Cooling Extension lip Balm

  • Affordable
  • Does the job of regular lip balm
  • Perfect for summers
  • Nude lip balm

Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Extension lip Balm ReviewCons of Kronokare The Frizz Cooling Extension lip Balm

Not easily available

Last Words:

I just adore these lip balms. They are incredibly light and soft and comfortable on lips. And not to forget they are moisturizing. They heal dry chapped lips in no time.

Rating – 5/5

Written by Pallavi Bose

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