Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash Review

My hubby is a huge fan of face washes. He loves using face wash especially from Garnier brand. I am the one who loves experimenting with face washes. But he loves to stick to only one brand.

When it comes to his face wash, then he uses it twice a day. Once when he is taking shower in the morning and second when he comes after the office hours in the evening. In the morning, his face is oily and thus the purpose of the face wash is basically removing the oil and giving him a fresh and clean look. But in the evening, his face is too dirty thanks to the never ending pollution in Delhi and full of whiteheads. Thus, the cleansing job is more in the evening. Thus, he wanted a face wash which does these functions efficiently.

This time with my Nykaa haul I picked up Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash. Let’s see how the product fared on him.

Describe the brand in three words

Drugstore, affordable, Skincare.

What it is?

A deep cleansing face wash for men.

Who is it for?

Men who want deep cleansing. It is good to remove your dirt, whiteheads, blackheads and day to day tan. But don’t expect it to remove your age old tan.

What it’s supposed to do?

This is a deep cleansing face wash. The face wash has a dual texture wherein it takes care of cleansing and whitening both. The face wash is enriched with salicylic acid and vitamin C. Both these ingredients are known to scrub your skin gently and take care of the dullness part on your skin. As per the description, the face wash will also remove dirt and oil from your face.

How’s the packaging like?

Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash ReviewThe packaging of Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash is quite similar to it’s other face washes. The face wash comes in medium sized tube. The tube has a cap at the top which needs to be twisted to access the face wash. you can find the small hole at the top through the face wash will come out when the tube is slightly pressed.

This face wash is not a travel friendly face wash because there is a fear of the face wash oozing out even when slight pressure is applied.

How’s the scent like?

The face wash does not have any troublesome scent. It has very light smell of charcoal but nothing very strong. The scent also vanishes within some time. Thus, the face wash won’t be of any trouble for sensitive noses.

How’s the texture like?

Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash ReviewTexture of Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash is quite interesting. This is a dual toned face wash. It is both black and white in colour. The face wash has charcoal accents which is black in colour and the white part of the face wash has whitening effect on the face. The charcoal part of the face wash is greyish black in colour and has a creamy texture to it.
Whereas the white part of the face wash is icy clay complex which is again creamy in texture.
Both of them have a blendable consistency with water.

What it contains?

Water, glycerin, Myristic Acid, Stearic Acid, alcohol.

Can it cause acne or allergy?

Yes, because the face wash is filled with chemicals and also alcohol.

What’s the price?

The face wash comes in 2 size variants. A small 50 grams of tube costs Rs. 95 whereas the bigger 100 grams of tube costs Rs. 185.

Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash ReviewHow do you use it?

My husband first wets his face a bit. Then he takes a pea sized amount of face wash in his hands and rub it on his palm with some water to get the desired blendable consistency. He allows the face wash to rest on his face for some time. And finally he rinses his face with water.

What’s good about it?

The face wash deeply cleanses the skin. It is good in removing dirt, tan, oil and even does a good job in removing blackheads and whiteheads. This is a good everyday face wash as it is quite gentle on your face. Your face will look a bit fairer after the use of this face wash but this fairness is temporary. Very soon, the original colour returns. Since the face wash is creamy in texture, thus even after the presence of alcohol, the face wash has no drying effect on your face. This is an easily blend able and rinseable face wash.

What’s bad about it?

Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash is not good in terms of scrubbing. It does not remove blackheads and whiteheads and this is a huge cause of concern. With this face wash, you need to use a face scrub also at least twice to thrice a week.

R2B Rating: 3/5

The Bottomline:

Garnier Men Power White Double Action Face Wash is a good daily face wash. My huge plus is that it does not have a drying effect on your face since my husband’s skin is dry. But as far as scrubbing is concerned the face wash fails to deliver. Also, the face wash is good in removing dirt and oil. But it cannot be used as a deep cleanser.

Written by Pallavi Bose

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