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Planning a wedding is not a cakewalk.  It’s something that most couples find difficult and stressful. Research shows that the average bride can take up to 18 months planning her wedding. But again, it’s totally possible to plan your big day within one month. A beautiful fete for your family members and friends. Though it might be a little overwhelming and tricky.

Nobody would want a rush of events regarding her big day, but sometimes couples are forced to meet the 30 days deadline because of unavoidable circumstances like a clash of significant family events. Though some couples may opt for a monthly plan for their wedding to avoid many expenses. Definitely, the more time you take to plan for the wedding the more cash you will spend. However, the key to this wedding success is composure. Put yourself together and do not panic. We, however, have the ultimate guide for you to plan your wedding in just one month.

Last-minute rush is not for everybody

Remember, you have to put together everything within the next four weeks. You have to be very flexible and sober to come up with ideas very first, lest you lose your mind. You don’t have time to spare. You have to think first and come up with what is necessary for the day. You have minimal options, hence little time to sit down and start thinking. Narrow down to what you need and what you don’t need so long as the wedding theme still stands. A supportive spouse is also important. So he or she helps with ideas and setting the budget.

Have a clear defined wedding budget, guest list and theme/style

wedding planning in just one monthHave a clear idea of what your dream wedding dress, cocktail party, wedding venue, honeymoon and dinner be like. Don’t forget the rings. Consider what is in your pocket. Having that clearly set budget in mind will get rid of a lot of hassles with the vendors. Having a budget as a reference point will help you out when things start moving up very fast. The average wedding in 2017 budget was $33,391.The guest list is where the budget lies, the more guests you invite the higher the budget shoots. One month is very short to start thinking of cash options, after all, the average number of guests should be 136. It’s short notice so definitely you will expect a lesser turnout.

Selecting your venue

One month is such short notice and you may be shocked to find the most beautiful venues you ever thought to have been fully booked. But this is not the end of it. You can decide to be flexible about the time and date. You can let your wedding take place in the evening rather than the normal daytime. Most couples schedule their weddings during the weekends or holiday. Try to reschedule to a weekday. It will still work out well, so long as important guests are available. You also have the option of looking around your family members’ homes or even your home. Am sure, a garden or backyard with beautiful linen and table cloths lies somewhere.

Choosing your wedding dress

Choosing your wedding dressMost brides will prefer to search online or in the magazines for their wedding dress. Sure, they get a variety to choose from. With a short deadline of one month, going online to search for what is latest will waste your time. Think of what you like, the style, the color, and the shape. Once you have an idea in mind, then getting what perfectly fits you won’t take long. Use this time to find a perfect tux for the groom too.

Inviting your guests

You can save time on invitations by opting for Evites. You can buy them at at a pocket-friendly price. They are customized to fit most wedding themes. Evites are easy to use, quick and go directly to your guests’ inboxes. You can be lucky to get responses within 24 hours.

You can also use sites like Zazzle and Mountainview, they have software features that design the invitations, meal cards, save the dates and custom stationery. You still have to be very flexible with this as landing on one option and sticking to it because you only have four weeks may not work well for you.

Bridal  Party

There are certain roles that needs to be taken on by people that you pick for your wedding. This is not something that should be too time-consuming, especially once you know the different titles. Once you assign the roles, this will really help in bringing your wedding together in a faster and smoother way (hopefully!). Most traditional weddings include:

  • Maid of honor
  • Best man
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groomsmen
  • Mother/Father of the bride/Groom
  • Ring bearer
  • Flower girl
  • Ushers
  • Pages
  • Officiant

Focus on the fashion and selection of the different roles.

Selecting vendors and delegation

Firstly, you have to give out some tasks. You cannot plan an event of more than a hundred heads to the end all by yourself. Some couples may opt to hire a professional while others may consider a family member who has previously done a wedding or has been involved in wedding plans before.

Here you don’t leave any stone unturned. It’s the most crucial part of your wedding plan. You have to get back to your checklist shortlisting and calling your vendors. These include photographers, videographers, DJs, Cakebaker, caterers, florist, hairstylist, makeup artist, and transport for that day. This is where now you will need help. Your assistants have to help you choose the best videographers and photographers probably those they encountered at a different wedding. You have to do the thorough research you come up with the best that is available for that day. You don’t have to rush on this even if time is running because vendors will too make your day or spoil it.

Christina Harcourt, who planned her summer wedding in less than one month opted for a local Cater and florist. Because a local vendor is more than available and very willing to help you. She says were available, supportive and extremely willing to work on her timeline.

Select and order your rings

selecting your wedding ring

Here the groom has to find exactly what the bride will like. Opt for engagement rings in Toronto. Jacob Mercari has custom made rings to celebrate your love. They guarantee you the best price for the ring. If you have your own price possibly from the internet, Toronto stores will match the price with a diamond or gemstone ring in their stores. Because one month is such a short time, you may be experiencing trouble choosing the perfect design of your dream engagement ring.

Toronto stores by Jacob offers you the opportunity to book a free 30-minute Design Consultation with one of their wedding designers. Again there are no casual sales people in Jacob Mercari stores, they have passionate jewelry design experts, and you will also enjoy a friendly customer service with them. Jacob Mercari is assuring you of quality custom made diamond rings.

Enjoy the day

Lastly, listen to your closest ones. Let them assist you in making decisions as they are the only ones who can step in your shoes and ease your wedding planning stress. So enjoy the day, look at your wedding as a party to start a new life with your newly married spouse. Overlook the small mishaps that may occur that day because definitely with the short time you had; everything might not turn out 100% as expected.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the day, it is a once in a lifetime event after all.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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