Wedding is once-in-a-lifetime event and you want to make sure everyone invited should be counting hours to your big day. Quite naturally, you want to book an amazing venue, take care of all fun and entertainment needs of your guests and grab their attention with exciting invitation cards.

But budget is one word that scares a lot of people, especially if you want your wedding a certain way. So, does this mean you compromise on your desires and settle with what your limited finances can offer?

Well, before you start hyperventilating, here are some cool tips and tricks to help you decide where to save and where to splurge, so you can have a superb wedding that all your guests would enjoy and look forward to.

Where to Save?

  1. Wedding planner:

Planning a wedding is no easy task. No wonder, so many couples hire the services of a professional wedding planner. While, professional wedding planners can make everything seem like a cake-walk, they do cost a bomb.

So, if you want to cut costs on hiring a wedding planner, the good news is you can easily download one! There are so many online wedding planning apps that help you plan every stage of your wedding at the tips of your fingers.

What these digital planners do is help you set up a system to keep track of the bigger picture, while taking care of all the minute details.

  1. Invitation cards:

where to save and where to splurge on wedding budgetWho doesn’t want luxe, sexy wedding invitation cards? But finding the right invitation cards you fancy could be a tricky affair, especially when you are on a budget. Sometimes, the paper is too expensive and sometimes the designer asks for a bomb!

So what a poor girl do in a scenario like this? Well, the answer is going online! Yes, 2017 is all about digital and no one can deny that. Moreover, with our moms and dads and all uncles and aunts already on whatsapp and Facebook sending online wedding invitations is fast becoming a norm.

We suggest Paperless Post because not only it has thousands of free designs but you can also pay for customized designs and have them printed out, so you can have best of both the worlds! Also, the site’s online invitations come in virtual envelopes that ‘open’ for the guests.

Not only an online invitation would grab your audience’s attention but it would also make it easier for them to prepare for the event. Paperless invites are green, fun, practical and can be easily integrated with tools that we use on a daily basis.

  1. Décor:

where to save and where to splurge on wedding budgetThanks to the internet and creative décor hacks, now planning a DIY décor is not only easy but also within your budget. All you need is a creative eye and some extra effort to make your décor look luxe even on a budget.

So why splurge on something that you can easily save on big time!

  1. Music and entertainment:

Of course, entertainment of guests is one of the most important elements for any wedding or celebration party. But that doesn’t mean you go overboard with your budget and splurge on hiring live performers and dancers simply for the entertainment of your guests.

Quite frankly, all you need to set the mood right is a good DJ and active participation of all your friends and family.

  1. Trousseau sarees and wedding lehenga:

where to save and where to splurge on wedding budgetYour trousseau sarees and wedding lehenga, while both are important can be saved!

Since your wedding lehenga is an outfit you are not going to wear again and your trousseau sarees are clothes that might end up lying in wardrobes and suitcases, its best not to splurge on your wedding clothes. Moreover, fashion keeps changing. What’s trendy today might become out-dated tomorrow.

The key is to maximize impact with minimum spending. Like saving on the quantity and buying few iconic pieces that are timeless. Here are some more ideas on saving big on your bridal outfit and wedding trousseau.

Where to Spend?

  1. Venue and food

where to save and where to splurge on wedding budgetSince it is the venue that primarily creates the atmosphere for the entire wedding, picking the right venue is extremely crucial for a memorable and superb wedding. And then you can never afford to go wrong with the food.

Forget the lighting and décor, it the food and vibe that everyone remembers. So even if you have to tread that extra mile on the quality of food and picking a place that goes well with the taste and style of your guests, do that.

  1. Wedding makeup:

If there’s one thing you definitely need to make no compromises on, it is your bridal makeup. Makeup can make or break any look. Where a bad makeup can ruin your day, good makeup can make you look a million bucks!

So feel free to splurge on a great makeup artist who is well adept with all the tips and tricks of her job. Obviously, you want to look great every time you look at your pictures!

  1. Jewellery:

where to save and where to splurge on wedding budgetWhile, your wedding jewellery is usually pretty heavy or ancestral sets that you may not wear again, it is your wealth and investment for a lifetime. And since the jewellery that goes in your trousseau is something you’ll be wearing often, it’s better to keep to light and elegant.

Splurge on pretty chandbalis, pearl drop earrings and the kundan rings you can easily attend all diners and parties looking prep and prime for every occasion.

  1. Engagement ring:

Engagement ring holds a special place in every girl’s heart. It’s something you’d always like to wear and flaunt. So go girl, splurge! where to save and where to splurge on wedding budget

  1. Wedding Photos:

While, your wedding ceremony is only a one night or one day affair, your wedding photos are going to last forever. Quite naturally, you want to capture and every moment of the biggest day of your life in the most special and beautiful way possible.

So just like makeup, your wedding photos can make or break the beauty of your special day. So feel free to spend on a good photographer who can create a fairy tale out of your dream wedding.

So girls, in a world where weddings are becoming more and more flashy and fancy affairs, it becomes all the more important to know where to save and where to splurge. All you need to do is identify your priorities and plan carefully.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


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