How to Decorate a Beautiful Wedding in Bangalore

I don’t know about you, but I sure do enjoy a good wedding. Fun, food, flowers and of course, the sizzle of sundry emotions in the air – ah! I’m so much there!

But what makes for a good wedding? Is it the fun, food, dancing and dresses or the beautiful décor that turns a wedding space into a celebration that’s all ‘you’? Well, it’s a combination of both. With theme weddings and innovative reception designs, professional decoration of a wedding ceremony has become no less significant than the restaurant, photographer, and dresses.

So if you’re in Bangalore and thinking how to decorate a beautiful wedding ceremony in the city, here are five wedding decoration ideas to make your wedding day a special and memorable occasion for all:

  1. A flamboyant and modern décor

wedding decoration ideasA modern and flamboyant décor for a wedding is not limited to just flowers or fabric drapery. For the desired result, you need a versatile approach: it’s a blend of various floral compositions in different forms, decorative fabrics, designer elements, furniture and tablecloths with skirts (if necessary), screens, racks, plaques and much more.

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  1. Traditional décor with South Indian Swag

wedding decoration ideasA hectic modern life sometimes calls for a traditional wedding that soothes and calms. Just imagine, the magic of fairy lights mixed with traditional Kanjeevarams, modern music, and South Indian swag! And to make that happen, Bangalore is the perfect place to be with its professional wedding planners, who have the best temperament to make traditional meet modern in ideal settings.

  1. Simple décor with a touch of elegance

wedding decoration ideasSometimes, a simple décor is all you need to make the occasion special. Of course, weddings are a riot of colors but keeping a neutral or all white palette creates a beautiful, calming visual for photographs that makes your dresses and emotions pop out!

  1. Personalized garden wedding

wedding decoration ideasAll you need for a personalized wedding ceremony in a beautiful garden is attention to detail. From adorable sign boards to creating a wall of family photos, paying attention to each and every detail would paint a picture that is elegant, warm and an easy conversation starter.

Of all the different and varied wedding decoration ideas, this one surely stands out.

  1. Cost saving DIY wedding décor

Who doesn’t love a DIY bride or a resourceful groom? And if you are that creative person with a knack for decoration you may want to consider this option. There’s so much inspiration available everywhere. And if you have that time and patience for it then DIY décor elements can save you SO much money!

wedding decoration ideasBut doing everything on your own sure comes with its own risks. So if you’re planning to decorate your own wedding, consider this:

  • You will have to communicate with each and every person/vendor involved separately, spend valuable time, send photos and color samples, maybe even several times.
  • Different components are hardly compatible. The fabric may not match the color of the compositions, or flowers on forged racks, and the numbers of tables in a frame.
  • If one of the participants does not do his/her job well enough, the entire look will suffer!

So a better option would be to spend some money and outsource décor! Just rent a part of the look or décor from a big decorator and save cost for the entire decoration.

So girls; a ‘dream wedding’ is not a dream anymore. Stop fussing over how to decorate a beautiful wedding; just execute any of these wedding decoration ideas that impress your imagination and turn your wedding into a dream wedding!

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Written by Anshulika Chawla

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