tips to choose statement coat for winter

What do you need to survive in the winter? No matter if you live in a snowy city in Denmark, or on a small Hawaiian island: sooner or later the cold temperature will come for you, and you should be able to count on what you have in your closet.

Although you may have just bought your swimwear online and you may feel ready for the summertime, winter is here and you must be prepared to embrace it. Of course, keeping yourself warm is essential. On the other hand, no one wants to spend an entire season looking too sloppy.

What you really need to rock your winter is a statement coat, which will help you cope with even the coldest weather, while feeling stylish. If you want, you can take a look at the latest male and female mannequins to find some inspiration. Nevertheless, here you will find all the best tips, directly from the most passionate and expert fashionistas, to choose your new statement coat!

Best Tips to Choose Statement Coat for Winter

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Quality Over Quantity

Nowadays, clothes may be very cheap, at the point that it is easy to buy any piece that we like without worrying too much about our wallet. However, the majority of these items are made of cheap acrylics, which is not going to keep you warm.

Sometimes coats are advertised as made of “wool”, even if there is only a tiny part made of this material. For this reason, you should always make sure to buy something of quality, even if it may be costly. Wool or cotton-made coat may not be cheap, but it is going to keep you warm and last for many years.

Find The Right Size

Let’s be honest: when it comes to sizes, we always tend to buy something smaller than usual, because we hope it will suit us perfectly in the near future. On the other hand, you are not going to wear your new coat on its own, meaning that you must be able to fit layers of other clothes underneath it.

In winter you are most likely going to wear hoodies and knitwear, so you must have enough room in the torso as well as under the arms. A skinny coat can be one of the most uncomfortable things to wear, and no one likes to have his arms looking like sausage stuffing.

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Know Your Body…

You would never wear a piece of clothing which doesn’t suit you perfectly and that doesn’t make you always feeling on point. You should follow these guidelines when looking for a new coat as well. For example, if you are not very tall, long coats may be overwhelming and make you look like a child. On the other hand, styles such as teddy coats may only fit specific body types.

… But Don’t Forget Practicality

When choosing a new coat, you must prioritize practicality over trend. For example, your coat must always have pockets. Otherwise, you will be finding yourself fighting your way to store your belongings or even to keep your hands warm with no place to tuck them.

The same applies to materials chosen for the composition of our coat. If you are thinking of buying only one piece and wear it all year round, you may soon regret your idea. In some countries, winter can be freezing and snowy while autumn tends to be moderately warm, meaning that you cannot wear the same clothes for both seasons.

Take Your Time

Unless you are really desperate to buy a new coat, you must always take your time. What you are looking for is a high-quality piece of clothing, which can last for many years and can be styled in every occasion. In other words, you need the best coat, and it is unlikely that you will find it after a few minutes of online shopping.

You should first evaluate different pieces, understand your needs, review your budget and see how much cold temperatures may get in your country. If you really want to find your statement coat, you must be ready to invest some time and do your research, as well as your money.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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