customization trend in gold jewelry

Gold has always been a symbol of health, wealth and Indian culture. Gold has never been out of fashion. In the 21st century, people not only buy jewelry that has been designed by the makers but they order their own designs whichever or however they like. Jewelry designing is an art that needs years to attain perfection. Customization has become the new loyalty factor. There are certain things that made customization become a trend in gold jewelry:

1. Advanced Technology: Back in the years, jewelries were made, molded to shape entirely by hands. Customized jewelry has been made possible because of the advanced technologies in recent years. Now jewelers use well-equipped machines to craft and carve the designs what their customer wants and needs.

2. Personalized Fashion: In recent times, there has been a drastic change in the taste and choices of people. People are now more trendy and fashionable as compared to earlier. They are more into giving in their own designs rather than having a limited choice. People want their jewelries to be out of the world and want their designs to be attractive and unique.

3. Satisfaction: Customers satisfaction has to be jeweler’s first priority as it helps creating a long-term relationship with them. Satisfied customers are the happiest customers. Suppose, you went to a shop to buy a gold pendant set designs with prices which are affordable, the shopkeeper talks to you nicely and shows you all kinds of exclusive jewelries. It is natural that you are going to like it. You may even recommend this shop to your friends and family. So, satisfaction also builds trust between a consignor and a consignee.

4. Uniqueness: Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. People wish to have jewelries that are exclusive and unique. Customization helps customers to create special fashion for their own selves. That’s the beauty of customization. So, you can now be your own stylist.

5. Relatable designs: Customer often gets attracted to the designs that are relatable to them. For example, if you buy a personalized 10 gram gold chain with price that has your name beautifully written on it? Will you not like it? Of course you will love it. Anything that is relatable to us, which reminds us of something or someone instantly attracts us to having those things.

Every customer can now be their own market. Thanks to customization. It helps in maintaining a communication with the consumer and the seller. They get to know what exactly a customer needs and acts accordingly. Consumers needs have expanded with time and the need for customization is increasing. Customers can now be more expressive and open to the sellers. Customization is also helping the brands to differentiate their products in the market. The world crave for uniqueness. It is to be noted that the consumer feedback is very important for customization as it guides its sellers about what exactly do their customers want. Without it, customization is directionless as well as aimless.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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