How to Get Around and Have the Best Time in Kochi

Kochi, also called Ernakulam, is one of the best places to visit in God’s Own Country. Located around the middle of Kerala, the place is easy to access and has some of the best sights and places which will leave one filled with memories for years to come.

Perhaps the most developed city in Kerala, Kochi is one of the most culturally diverse places in the country. The Portuguese arriving more than three centuries ago set the tone for the development which continues to this day. Recently, Kochi even inaugurated its own metro transit system, making it one of the most forward cities in India.

If you’re looking or intending to visit this place, here’s a list of adventures galore and how you can have best time in Kochi:

Finding the Way Around

How to Get Around and Have the Best Time in KochiKochi has many tourist spots spread in and around the city, making visiting all these spots challenging. Like all metropolitan cities, traffic is notorious; but self drive cars in Kochi can really help one stay relaxed through the whole ordeal. Auto-rickshaws and private buses are also viable options, even if they are less comfortable.

A Rich History

MattancherryTo get the true measure of this multicultural city, visiting Fort Kochi and Mattancherry is a must. The areas are the hotspots for cultural diversity, with many Portuguese, Dutch and even Jewish settlements strewn around the place. Fort Kochi beach offers a relaxed, calm experience, with its snack vendors, the rumbling seas and the Great Chinese Fishing Nets set up along the coast. The area also has something for history-philes, including the Santa Cruz Basilica, which is one of the oldest churches in India. Mattancherry is all about narrow streets and quaint alleys; the raw feel of it succeeds in transforming one to another realm. The whiff of spices, great food and the hustle of the alleys is something that has to be experienced, to understand the entire magnitude of it. Jewtown and Synagogue in the area are a must visit, for those who love to soak in new cultures. Get a car for rent, and drive to these places!

Shop Till you Drop

How to Get Around and Have the Best Time in KochiFor shopaholics and foodies, Kochi also has its fair share of malls and restaurants. Lulu Mall is a premium shopping mall, with shops of all major brands and a hypermarket that has almost everything a person can imagine, ranging from electronics to food. The Centre Square in MG Road is another great mall, with many eateries and Cinepolis, which is an eleven-screen multiples, one of its kind in the state.

All things said, Kochi is one of the best tourist spots in the state. For those who have adventure on their mind, a visit to Kochi would be an unforgettable experience.

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