Achieve Perfect Summer Glow with these 5 Easy Skincare Tips

While summer is the time for fun and enjoyment, it doesn’t mean that we get to be lazy with our skin care. Now’s the perfect opportunity to go bare-faced every day and show off our naturally gorgeous, radiant skin, and for that to happen you’ll need to know how to pamper and protect it, and how to make sure that beautiful summer glow shines through every day. For all you ladies who can’t wait to strut around, secure in the knowledge that they look spectacular, here are a few tips that will bring out your beauty in all the best ways.

How to stay protected all day long

Achieve Perfect Summer Glow with these 5 Easy Skincare TipsWe all need sunscreen every day, and especially in summer, but it can be such a hassle to deal with. It’s goopy, it gives you an ashy cast, it leaves you greasy, and to top it off, you need to reapply it every two hours in direct sunlight. How’s a gal to deal with all that? Well, to start off, pick the right product.

There are sunscreens for all kinds of skin types out there, and if you want a non-greasy product that won’t clog your pores, pick something from the La Roche-Posay Anthelios line. These are non-comedogenic products that are great for summertime because they don’t leave a greasy sheen and rather give your skin a gorgeous summer glow. When it comes to touch-ups, you can try a misting spray or a powder foundation with SPF, especially if you wear makeup and want to refresh it during the day. Also, wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face (and look elegant on top of that!), and rely on self-tanning lotions to give yourself a bronzy glow instead of roasting under the sun all day.

Switch your moisturizer

Achieve Perfect Summer Glow with these 5 Easy Skincare TipsHeat and humidity are a recipe for buckets and buckets of annoying sweat, and even dry-skinned gals will have problems with breakouts and clogged pores if they keep using their heavy-duty winter moisturizers. You’ll need something with a lighter texture, and we recommend gel-based products that will immediately sink into your skin and hydrate it, but won’t leave any residue that will melt off as soon as you start sweating. Here are some options for excellent moisturizers that you can check out. Want another tip? Keep your gel moisturizer in the fridge for an extra dose of cooling refreshment in the morning!

Cleanse and exfoliate like a pro

Achieve Perfect Summer Glow with these 5 Easy Skincare TipsGrime, sweat, and dirt can be a real issue during the hot season, so cleansing becomes extremely important if you don’t want your skin to end up with a rough texture, breakouts, or redness. Cleanse well in the evening, and exfoliate a few times a week to keep your pores clean.

We recommend incorporating a good AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) cleanser into your routine, especially if you want smoother skin. Pick a cosmeceutical brand (one that combines cosmetics with pharmaceutical-grade formulations) because these kinds of products can truly be life-changing if you’ve never tried them before. Something from the Aspect Dr skin care line is a good idea, particularly their Deep Clean Facial Cleanser. It will unclog your pores and help remove all the residue from your skin, but it’s gentle and safe for use. If your skin is very sensitive, you can start by using AHAs twice a week.

For my Indian readers, here’s list of ten best drugstore cleansers available in India to help you make your right pick!

Get some rest from makeup

Achieve Perfect Summer Glow with these 5 Easy Skincare TipsIf you can, go bare-faced! It’s always nice to give your skin some rest, so instead of heavy, full-coverage foundation, try using a simple tinted moisturizer, a BB cream, or simply go completely makeup-free. If you do want to wear something with more coverage (hey, we totally get that), choose a quality foundation with active ingredients that care for your skin. The new Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation is a great option, especially if you want something to help you combat oiliness in the t-zone.

Good food for good skin

Achieve Perfect Summer Glow with these 5 Easy Skincare TipsGood skin comes from the inside, and summer is the perfect time to let go of heavy, greasy food and stick to veggies, fatty fish, fruit, and whole grains. Avocados, walnuts, tomatoes, and salmon are particularly good for your skin because they can keep it plump and youthful, and you should also up your water intake. Staying hydrated will help your face look nice and glowy.

Enjoy summer, but enjoy it safely! If you care for your skin gently you’ll be able to see progress very soon, and then proudly flaunt your perfect summer glow.

Written by Sophia Smith


  1. Nice and useful tips for summer. It is very important to use a sunscreen without fail. And also drink lot of water, coconut water and juices…

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    Thank you for sharing. Great tips!

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