How to Choose the Perfect Flat Iron Straightener for your Hair

Purchasing a flat iron straightener for your hair is an investment. Therefore, buying one requires careful consideration. Choosing a flat iron hastily can damage your hair and your wallet as you will be throwing them out frequently as soon as they break down.

There is a wide variety of options to choose from, but in order to pick the perfect one for you, listed below are the things that you should consider beforehand:

1. Pick the right shape

Choosing the shape of your flat iron dictates its versatility. A flat iron with flat edges will give you straighter hair. But it is more practical to purchase a straightener with curved edges because you receive the added benefit of transforming it into a curling iron. In this manner, you can add variations to your hairstyle.

2. Consider the width of the plate

The plate width is dependent on what you need. Purchasing your hair flat iron with a wider plate is good for longer hair because it covers more area and it gets the job done so much faster than a smaller plate. However, they are less portable in case you need to travel. They also tend to easily damage finer hair strands. Assess your hair type and get the iron with a plate width that is suitable for it.

3. Select the right plate type

There are different types of plates for different needs. Titanium irons heat up so much faster and are perfect for coarse and curly hair. They tend to be more expensive and they will damage fine hair. Ceramic irons can be used for almost any type of hair. However, some hair flat irons are only coated with ceramic. This coat may wear off over time and will distribute the heat unevenly. Tourmaline plates are more suitable for damaged hair. It reduces frizz and seals the hair shaft for a cleaner look.


4. Consider the temperature

It is more practical to purchase a flat hair iron with adjustable temperature so that it can yield the results you want. You can also adjust it to the temperature that your hair can handle. Low-cost irons with no adjustment option can result to uneven heat and overheating which can damage your hair. There are flat irons with intelligent heat sensors that automatically adjust the temperature to avoid overheating.

5. Compare prices and value

Compare the prices among different stores. Some stores offer the exact same product at different price points. Make sure that the manufacturer of the hair iron is reputable for quality. As a tool you’ll use frequently, it is advisable to get it covered by a warranty at instances of product damage. You can also research online for coupons or discount codes to get a few dollars off your purchase.

Your flat hair iron shouldn’t just do its job of straightening your hair. It should also take care of your hair. The aforementioned things must be considered to purchase the perfect hair straightener to do the job without compromising your hair’s health. With the proper research and preparations, you can have a quality flat hair straightener at the cheapest possible price.


Written by Anshulika Chawla

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