Palmolive Thermal Spa Body Wash with crushed coconut and jojoba butter

If there is one skincare product I simply cannot resist indulging in is a body wash. Their luxurious packaging, silky textures, and divine scents make me feel like a Cleopatra in her royal bath. At any given time, I prefer the sensation of a creamy body wash over a regular bathing bar on my wet glistened skin. Although, I’m not frugal but the fact that most luxe body washes and shower gels come at a high price tag sometimes do make me cringe.

However, last month while shopping for the daily needs at a nearby store my eyes fell on a Thermal Spa Body Wash from Palmolive. The product contained crushed coconut and jojoba butter extracts for skin renewal properties. The label hooked me. And I spent a little more time tossing and turning the bottle to discover some more convincing details. Another closer look at the bottle revealed its affordable price. I immediately bought the product and started using.

It’s been complete one month of using the product and only a little is left in the bottle (you can see the almost empty bottle in the pic!). So before I finish with the entire body wash, I thought it better to post the review. Read complete review to find out more.

Price: 125/-

Quantity: 250 ml

My Experience with Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Body Wash

The Palmolive Thermal Spa Skin Renewal – Crushed Coconut and Jojoba Butter Extracts Body wash comes in a see through plastic curvy bottle with a chocolate brown cap. The body wash is off-white in color and contains tiny brown particles of crushed coconut. True to its description it is quite thick and creamy in consistency.

However, what I loved the most about this body wash is its fragrance. One whiff of its buttery perfume and it reminds me of the inviting vanilla scent coming out from straight from an ice cream parlor or a bakery shop. Laced with coconut, this jojoba butter body wash can beat any high-end body gel with its comforting fragrance and silky smooth texture.

It produces rich lather and scrubs well. Due to its creamy texture, it does not dry out the skin. Every time I come out from bath, my skin feels so soft and radiant just like a Goddess after using this Thermal Spa Skin Renewal Body Wash from Palmolive. And the fragrance lingers on the skin even after bath.

What more, due to is micro exfoliating effect, you can use it on your cuticles, elbows, heels, and knees to slough off the roughness and dryness from those areas. Given its affordable price and pleasing bathing experience, it is certainly one of the best body washes I have tried so far.


  • Highly affordable
  • Delightful fragrance that lingers on the skin even after bath
  • Provides rich creamy lather
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Makes skin soft and supple with its exfoliation action
  • Can be used as a scrub for rough areas like feet, knees, and elbows
  • Scrub particles are not too harsh on the skin
  • Makes for a luxuriating bathing experience fit for a queen


Couldn’t find any cons with this product.

R2B Rating: 5/5

Will I Repurchase:

Yes, in fact, have already bought one but another version of Palmolive Thermal Spa: Mineral Massage Shower Gel with Thermal Salts and White Clay. Stay tuned for the review next month.

Final Take:

A must buy product that completely bridges the gap between costly, high-end skincare line and affordable high quality products. With its yummy fragrance, rich lather, and creamy texture, it will certainly unleash the queen within you. So go girls, get this.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Sounds nice! I have tried other variants which were good too 🙂

    • Anshulika Chawla at Reply

      nice to know Shivi…they are really wonderful economical body washes from Palmolive. Currently I’m using their blue Thermal Spa mineral massage one and it is simply divine!! Very refreshing for summers.

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