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Winter is here and it’s only going to get colder in the coming months. No wonder, with plummeting temperatures maintaining your natural glow would now require a few extra steps. With a few simple changes to your daily routine and replacing your summer habits for winter ones, you can have a stunning winter glow from head to toe.

Hair care in winter is pivotal because it’s incredibly easy for great hair days to go south – fast! Winter hair are susceptible to excessive dryness and hence can be difficult to maintain, especially if you are constantly moving in and outdoors in cold wind.

winter hair care tipsWith a few simple hair care tips your locks can conquer the cold, looking awesome.
1. Shampoo Less: Winter can lead dry skin everywhere, including your scalp. Dry and itchy scalps can lead to unwanted excess flaking. Try reducing the amount you shampoo during the winter since shampooing can actually get rid of oils that give moisture to your hair and scalp.
2. Oil Based Conditioner: Speaking of dull and dry hair, it’s best to nourish and quench thirst of your winter dry strands with an oil based conditioner. Oil based moisturizers evaporate less quickly, leaving hair less likely to look dry and flat.
3. Keep Dry Shampooing: Dry shampoo is a go-to for silky looking beach hair during the summer, but it’s also a great bag staple for winter. Dry shampoo is a great combatant for hat-hair and will keep your hair looking clean and voluminous all year round!

It’s important to put your best face forward. But it can sometimes be difficult in cold weather especially, when battling icy winds and congested sinuses. Fret not, because being fresh faced even in negative temperatures can still be a completely positive experience.

winter skin care tips
1. Switch Your Face Cream: Face creams are a staple of every beauty routine, but if you aren’t using an oil based one you should consider switching to one for the winter months. Oil based face creams lock in much needed moisture and can penetrate pores deeper for added hydration.
2. Exfoliate: Exfoliating is the best way to remove unwanted dead skin, unclog pores, and have your face shine bright through winter. Scrubs with essential oils not only keep you fresh faced and glowing, but also reduce the chance of your face looking dry or tired.
3. Stay Kissable: Winter can also affect your lips, making them dry and cracked (which isn’t a cute look on anyone). Lipsticks of any kind can actually dry out your lips, so try starting out your lip routine with a base of plain lip balm or chap-stick. Lip balm is also super easy to DIY if you’re the type who likes to customize their products. Custom lip balm labels are also easy to create and accessorize and with anything.


Treating your body right and being health conscious should be a year long process. Sometimes through the dark winter months we can stray off the path. Here are a few tips for a healthy and glowing winter body:

winter dry skin tips
1. Vitamins: Less daylight can mean less natural vitamin intake from the sun and some foods. Fight seasonal affective disorder by stocking up on B vitamins (including 6 and 12) to uncloud your brain and boost your mood
2. Hydrate: Overheating in the summer is a good reminder for us to drink plenty of water, so it’s easy to forget that we need to drink our daily recommended amount of water in the winter too. Water not only helps our digestion (which is handy if you need to skip out on workouts during these busy months) but is also a fantastic skin care aid.
3. Stay Active: Doing yoga in a park or jogging your favourite trail are phenomenal ways to workout, but they can be unpleasant when the temperature starts to drop (which can also make it challenging to motivate yourself). However, getting outside is still the best way to keep your body healthy and your endorphins flowing, if this proves too difficult many outdoor workouts and activities can be done indoors and offered at most fitness centers.

Even if you’re wearing less open-toed footwear in the winter you shouldn’t ease up on your foot care routine. However, keeping your feet looking and feeling their best in winter can be a walk in the park and here are a few tips to do it:

winter foot care tips
1. Scrub: Exfoliating is the key in winter. Giving your feet a fantastic scrub is essential. A foot scrub will rid your heels of ugly cracked skin, dead cells and rough spots. Following-up with a nourishing foot cream will keep your feet looking stunning even in biting cold months. It can be easy to mix up which scrubs and moisturizers you use for for feet, body or face (especially if you DIY your products). Custom labels for each of your products are a smart way to differentiate your goods and elevate your aesthetic.
2. Don’t Paint Your Nails: Everyone loves a good pedi, and although it may be tempting to spruce up your toes this winter, try to avoid the polish as much as you can. Giving your toes a break from nail polish helps them absorb hydrating moisturizers and oils, which are pivotal to kick out dry skin.
3. Size Up Footwear: Because socks and stockings are sometimes thicker or layered in the winter, wearing a boot in your running shoe size may actually constrict and squeeze your feet in unpleasant ways. To lessen the pressure and heighten your comfort, aim for boots that are roomier or have a deeper toe box to have your puppies singing all winter.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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