How to Choose the Right Nail Polish According to Your Outfit

As the rest of the world is increasingly jelly of our approaching summer sizzle, we are once again faced with a style conundrum of the century – revealing our lovely hands and feet means picking the perfect hues of polish to fit with our style and still not blend in and fade into the background. Because what’s the purpose of great nails if nobody will notice the popping shades, right?

Before you throw your next fashion-fit and give up crafting your entire beach look, read on to master the art of fine-tuning your look with the help of your own polish palette in no time!

Matchy-matchy with accessories

How to Choose the Right Nail Polish According to Your OutfitYes, spring and summer are about to drop a bombshell of cool sporty casual vibes, glorious all-around glam, loud and diverse colours in every aspect of your style, and as such, you need to bring some order into this beauty chaos. You will want to try out all of those at one, that’s how fabulous they promise to be, but take your time, and your top choices will emerge!

Steal a boyfriend’s watch, and you have a chance to wear subdued skin-tones of polish that go oh so remarkably well with them. Wear pastel inspired by the likes of Chanel or Victoria Beckham, and you get to play around with your accessories even more. This is the perfect season to use accessories to make a fashion statement – and your polish can match that tone easily. Red shoes? Red lips and red nails, too, then!

Contrast to your advantage

How to Choose the Right Nail Polish According to Your OutfitAn entirely different way to go, and as alluring as the previous style, is using colour-blocking in your makeup style to make the most of this already vibrant season. Lime yellow or green paired with crimson red, sunset orange and royal blue, and bubble-gum pink with aqua blue all seem an unlikely pair, unless they are on your lovely fingers.

Think: a royal blue dress for your evening outing combined with deliciously orange nails, both of which bring out your newly-achieved bronze tan. A classy black combo can be easily softened with golden, glitzy tones, and a fiery red dress will be balanced well when worn with navy blue nails.

Go authentic

How to Choose the Right Nail Polish According to Your OutfitHow about a polish bottle that always brings a smile to your face, holding your favourite shade that perfectly epitomizes your own personality? This season is all about bringing out your unique self through creative choices of fine details, and Say it with Polish is known for its cruelty-free, vegan-friendly personalised nail polish with both a cool message of your choice on the bottle, and a shade that fits your character.

If you want to pick shades that will be among top choices for the upcoming months, you cannot go wrong with glittery emerald, sunny orange and peach, although you can also save a spot for the all-time favourites such as classic red and silver.

What’s the occasion?

How to Choose the Right Nail Polish According to Your OutfitSometimes it takes more than just looking to your mood and your colour scheme to match the polish with your outfit. Another crucial element to keep in mind is the occasion for which you need to make the choice. Formal occasions such as business dinners, or job interviews, call for a less loud, but classier approach, such as the classic French manicure, crisp white, or even transparent gloss.

Equally sombre cocktail parties with your colleagues can give some leeway in creativity, making room for more daring, still elegant choices of classy maroon and nude pink, depending on your outfit. The LBD is always a sound choice, and it gives you plenty of freedom to add colour with makeup and polish. Then again, relaxed coffee dates and shopping sprees call for your inner fashionista to come to light – go wild and take your chances! Floral dresses work well with burgundy and pure coal black, while white tees and jeans are always well-paired with soft corals or loud electric shades alike!

Written by Sophia Smith

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