Tips for Straightening Your Hair Using a Flat Iron

Straight hair is one of the most desired and flattering hair styles. Straight, silky locks not only look pretty and stylish, but they are highly convenient to carry as well. But the best part about having straight hair is that they are always in trend, making the wearer look stylish and presentable at all times.

So if you want to feel beautiful in no time, the simplest way to do this is straighten your hair!

No wonder flat irons and hair straighteners are so popular these days. However, straightening your hair using a flat iron at home is not that easier done than easier said. A mistake here or a fumble there can land you with burnt skin or crimpled hair!

But if you pay attention, you can easily avoid any damage or hair straightening pitfalls and get the results you want. All you need to do is just do your preparation well and be careful in the process. So here are some hair straightening tips, when using a flat iron to achieve super sleek, straight hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Prepare your hair

The first step is to clean your hair. Wash it then blow dry it. You could leave it to dry, but blow drying is recommended because it makes the hair slightly sleeker making it easier to straight using a flat iron, thus saving you time and effort.

After it has dried, use a comb or brush to remove tangles. You should not leave any tangles because this could leave crimps and knots. Also, combing or brushing hair beforehand allows the heat protectant to distribute evenly on to the hair.

The final preparation step is to apply the heat protectant, which you should spray lightly onto the hair. Comb the hair to ensure it is distributed well. Make sure to finish drying the hair if it feels still damp after all these steps.

Stick to a professional flat iron

There are different types of flat irons out there that you can use to make your hair straight, but not every one of them is perfect for you. To get good results, it’s advisable to stick to a professional flat iron. It spreads heat evenly and does not give you hot spots. The iron also ensures your hair remains straight throughout the day. You can learn from the best flat iron 2018 | hair straightener reviews by HSS to choose the perfect one for your hair.

One section at a time

Avoid grabbing fistfuls of hair because the iron will not reach pieces that are too thick. For best results, split the hair and hold one small selection at a time. Sectioning is an important part of ensuring your hair is straightened easily. It also saves you time. The reason people complain straightening takes time is because they pick random bits of hair.

Use finishing products to add shine and reduce fizzle

Finishing products will help you to keep your hair straight and shiny longer. You only need to avoid silicones and oils, which you will find in many shine agents. Use a light hold hairspray, but first wait for your hair to cool down before applying. It will ensure your hair does not get sticky and will still have that shiny look.

So you see straightening your hair using a flat iron is easy if you know the procedure to follow. You only need to ensure that you have prepared your hair well then chosen the right flat iron. Check the temperatures to ensure it’s not too hot. Stay in the safe zone of between 300 and 350 degrees. The procedure provided here is a good place to start and will help you to achieve desired results. Follow every bit to keep your hair straight and avoid mistakes many people make while using a flat iron.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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  1. A lot of people tend to forget to use a heat protectant. They forget that protecting the hair from damage is the first step.

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