The Story Behind: With all the hype going around about the splendorous benefits of Maybelline Baby Lips, I was finally tempted to give them a try. True to their name, they come in highly cute baby-like packaging. Of course, I was expecting the same gentle and baby soft results too. But I am very sorry to say, for me, Maybelline Baby Lips failed to meet my expected benefits galore. Baby Lips fans, please excuse me, this is my opinion and I have nothing against you! So before I go on to review, I must tell you, I have a very sensitive skin and very sensitive lips that are much better off with vaseline petroleum jelly or plain natural lip balms over tinted ones! b5My Experience with Maybelline BabyLips: First of all, I must admit, I am highly impressed with their packaging. Such cute and adorable packaging that almost anyone can fall in love with them. Especially, the bright plastic packaging with child-like font make them appear to be extremely gentle and soft on even a baby’s lips! Soft, they are with a nice balmy texture, but gentle I cannot say because every time I applied the lipbalm, it made my throat feel sore for a while. I bought two shades, ‘Pink Lolita’ and ‘Cherry Kiss’. With pink being my perennial love, I started with ‘Pink Lolita’ but stopped using it after the allergic reaction. b4I am currently using ‘Cherry Kiss‘ and finding it okay so far. Strange, I know, with both lip tints from the same company and containing same ingredients! Although, the package claims to keep your lips hydrated for 6 hours, I found my lips thirsty for moisture just after 2 hours of application. But what I have loved most about this lipbalm is its color and velvety feel on the lips. The color payoff is really good with a nice sheen and lips feel super soft after applying. I now apply my regular vaseline petroleum jelly over this one and the color and hydration both last long. Also, I don’t use it very often to avoid developing allergy again. Another thing worth mentioning here is, all the shades available in Maybelline Baby Lips are incredibly bright and beautiful with an excellent color payoff, when it comes to evaluating tinted lipbalms. Maybelline definitely deserves a point here.   Quantity: 4 gm Price: 150/- b6Good:

  •  Cute and attractive packaging
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Excellent color payoff with admirable sheen
  • Highly affordable
  • Handy easy to use sticks


  • May cause allergy, so watch out if you have super sensitive skin like mine.
  • Fails on its claim of providing 6 hours hydration
  • The tinted lipbalms from Maybelline does not contain SPF
  • Not sufficient hydration for dry lips or winter lips
  • No matter how good color payoff, cannot replace your regular liptint or a lipstick

 Rating: 3/5  My Final Take: So overall, my final take on this much hyped tinted lipbalm from Maybelline is, while the lip balm does produce smoother soft lips with a good tint, there is nothing dramatic about the lipbalm. And the fact, it caused me allergy initially, it tinted my entire opinion and experience about this lipbalm. Moreover, it does not protect against UV rays, so obviously not a product to look upto, while outdoors for long hours in the sun. Also, if you are looking for a moisturizing lipbalm for your dry & chapped lips, the product is not for you either. Go for Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick instead! This tinted lipbalm is only for those beauties who are looking for a soft moisturizing formula with a nice tint and sheen. There is no second thought about its color and sheen effect. Will I Repurchase: No Pics Credit: Google

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Very good review – thank you for your honesty.

  2. Great review…I personally haven’t tried this yet because it just seems like any other lip balm out there. Very cutesy, something my 8 year old daughter would probably like—but we just stick to plain old reliable Vaseline:)

  3. Deepi Chanu at Reply

    Talk about allergies. It made my lips really supple when applied but after a few days I woke up to super stretchy lips, like to the point that it became painful to talk. That was with the berry one ( not tinted). Then after a year orso I ggot the mango pie version as a return gift on my cousin’s bday. Same effects.

    I dont rwally understand the crazd after it, yeah it makes your lips really soft initially but it makes them SUPER dry too. I think its some marketing scheme, forcing us to apply more balm since the lips are so dry…

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