Maybelline Color show Lipstick Cream Caramel Review

I have a confession to make – I was never a big fan of lipsticks and I always used to end up eating them. It was only when my sister started buying them, I started to learn what suits me, how to make them last longer and control myself from eating or licking it. So, today I am going review lipstick from my one my favorite makeup brands – Maybelline.

And the shade, which I am going to review today is 306 cream caramel. It is a beautiful red shade. Maybelline is one brand, which never fails to amaze me, be it their kajal, mascara, lip-balm or other products, they just know what people like and how to deliver it.

Maybelline Color show Lipstick Cream Caramel ReviewNow coming to Maybelline Color Show lipstick cream caramel, well I must say, that Maybelline has just nailed it in this color show range that was launched couple of years ago. Color show lipsticks come in 27 shades and all of them are well-suited for Indian skin tones.

So I can wear any shade I want at any occasion from this range without fearing any weird looks from onlookers. Usually, when it comes to lipsticks, I always tend to go for neutral shades because I find that they suit my dusky skin quite well. The lipstick is hydrating and highly pigmented. It gives a smooth and glossy effect, which I personally love.

For more on Maybelline color show lipstick cream caramel, read full review and my experience.

Product Description:

Maybelline Color show Lipstick Cream Caramel ReviewMaybelline Color Show Lipstick is a fashionable intense lipstick, which comes in chic to vivid shades. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick is highly pigmented giving bold lips.
• It stays for up to four to five hours.
• The creamy texture is not heavy on the lips.
• It does not smear or smudge.
• It does not settle in lines.
• As its highly moisturized you don’t need to wear a lip-balm.

Price and Quantity: 325 for 3.9 gm

Shelf life: 36 months


Maybelline has launched these same lipsticks under different packaging but the formula is same so if you don’t find this particular packaging don’t worry. The lipstick comes in black plastic packaging, which is not so strong and hence easily breakable.

Maybelline Color show Lipstick Cream Caramel ReviewWell the center of the lipstick has a colored plastic band that indicates which family of colors it belongs to for example, red rim holds red shades, pink rim holds pink shades and this brownish pink holds peach or coral shades.

The bottom of this lipstick holds the name of lipstick range, shade color, shade name, date of manufacture. The packaging is pretty boring and old. I have seen the new packaging too, it is also not so gorgeous. Maybelline could have done better. The lipstick cap closes tightly with a click sound, which ensures that cap is not going to move in other directions. Being a tiny little thing, it is easy to carry around.

Consistency, color and scent:

If I talk about the texture, it is very soft and creamy, it glides beautifully on the lips like soft butter, the creamy texture reduces its lasting power, and it stays for 3 to 4 hours after that it requires touch-ups, which is definitely an issue for me.

Maybelline Color show Lipstick Cream Caramel ReviewThe fragrance of the lipstick is fruity but it can be easily avoided as it fades away quickly after application.

Now the most important part, the color – it is burnt-orange, terracotta like color. It has a warm tone to it. It is a very beautiful color, it instantly brightens up the face and it suits every Indian skin tone.


Maybelline lipsticks are worth it, as they are creamy, highly pigmented and fairly priced. If I talk about pigmentation, it is highly pigmented. It can cover the lips with just one swipe alone with 2 or 3 swipes you can an intense pigmented look and sometimes I do that, I apply couple of coats to get a nice deep color to my lips and brighten up the face.

However, do make sure to outline the lips before applying several coats as it can bleed your looks if not swiped or outlined properly. I generally apply 2 coats and the color works out perfect for me.

Maybelline Color show Lipstick Cream Caramel ReviewBeing creamy in texture, it can easy settle between the lines and chapped lips so make sure to scrub the lips before applying it or moisturize them well prior to applying this lipstick to avoid such blunders. Although, it’s hydrating in itself but if lips are very much dry make sure to moisturize them.

Otherwise, Maybelline color show lipstick is light weight in texture and doesn’t make it look as if you’re wearing tons of makeup on your lips! As I am not very good at carrying heavy dosage of lipstick, so I always prefer those lipsticks, which are very light-weight.

It is not totally matt and has little bit glossy touch. It does not have any shimmer in it and I like that fact because I have a feeling that shimmer in lipsticks make me look weird. Sometimes I like to make it totally matt, for that I take my powder and apply this trick as it soaks rest of the moisture, makes it matt and increases its staying power. It is easily transferrable, so it cannot stand any heavy meals.

It is highly moisturized and creamy, so I never use a lip balm before using it but it you have really chapped and dry lips make sure to scrub your lips and apply lip balm before using this lipstick. The best part about it is that it is suitable for any occasion or place, be it office, any day outings, or party. It can work for any occasion depending on your choice and mood.

It is very easily available in market and very affordable too.


-Travel friendly, easy to carry around.

– It is affordable.

– It is easily available in market.

– The texture of lipstick is very creamy and soft.

– The range offers a variety of colors to choose from.

– It keeps the lips moisturized and hydrated.

– The shades brighten up the face.


– The packaging is very boring and not so strong.

– It bleeds out from corners.

– Its staying power is not so good.

R2B Rating: 3.5/5

Final Verdict:

Overall, this is nice beautiful color – burnt orange shade, which would suit most Indian skin tones quite well. I liked the formula of this lipstick, which is creamy, and light-weight. If frequent touch-ups are not much of a hassle for you and you like creamy lipsticks, you can give this Maybelline Color-show lipstick a try.

Written by Veena Kumari

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  1. I love this range from Maybelline. Quite affordable and pretty shades.

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