We use our eyes every day – all the time. When we are awake, read, work on the computer, watch TV, prepare food, drive etc., we put strain on our eyes. However, we usually take our eyesight for granted and don’t pay much attention to our eye health until an issue with it arises.

We should take time to rest our eyes after each eye-straining 20 minute activity, simply by closing our eyes for a few minutes or gazing into the distance. Especially if we spend long time looking at computer screens, at work or at home, or both.

There are many uncomfortable symptoms that can come up if we don’t take good care of our eyes, and the most common ones are burning and itching, dryness, redness around the eyelids, watery eyes, gooey discharges, swelling, puffiness, dark circles around the eyes, irritation, conjunctivitis or inflammation, and eye floaters, which are tiny specks and spots we see in our field of vision.

Weakening eyesight is also very common as we age. Apart from going for regular yearly check-ups, there are many healing eye treatments we can do at home, at a spa or a beauty salon. Here are a few home remedies and beauty tips for eyes:

  1. Cucumbers


They are easy to find and simple to peel and cut. Cucumbers are natural moisturizers for our facial skin and they have a mild skin lightening effect so they are effective with the dark circles under our eyes. They revitalize the skin and make it appear youthful by reducing the swelling and puffiness around the eyes.

They also soothe sunburned skin and tighten open pores. High in vitamin E, potassium and antioxidants, they are a staple for eye beauty. Just apply two slices of a freshly cut cucumber onto your eyes and lay down for 10-15 minutes. Wash your eyes with warm water afterwards.

  1. Chamomile tea

Chamomile is a mild herb yet it has powerful medicinal properties. Chamomile tea has been in use for centuries to treat eye infections, pink-eye, blocked tear-ducts and swollen eyes. It is best if you can find the dried plant and make tea from it.

Brew a weak tea with the dried flower tops and distilled water, strain it through a coffee filter and leave it to cool down. Then dip cotton balls in tea water and clean or rinse your eyes. Place the cotton on the eyelids and leave it there for some time. Another option is to use chamomile teabags when they have cooled down and place them on your eyes.

  1. Green tea

green tea

The principle is the same as with chamomile tea. Green tea is a very potent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects. It soothes the eyes and provides instant relief from itchiness. You can make an eye wash by boiling two green tea bags in one cup of distilled water, allow it to cool and flush the eyes twice a day with the solution until your symptoms subside.

  1. Cold milk

Milk is also one of the most effective home remedies for itchy eyes. Get a small bowl of cold milk, dip two cotton balls and place them over the eyelids. This will remove all the puffiness and give you a nice cooling feeling for your tired eyes.

  1. Unrefined coconut oil

coconut oil

It is a great moisturizer and it stays longer in the eyes than a water-based eye wash. You can rub it around your eyes and over your eyelids and massage the corners of your eyes. This will stimulate tear production and moisturize your eyes naturally, as well as soothe the outer surface. It is safe to put a few drops of coconut oil inside your eyes, but do this before bedtime only it will make them cloud over briefly.

  1. Washcloth Compress

Get a new, clean washcloth; dampen it with non-chlorinated warm to hot water. You could add a drop or two of lavender or tea tree oil, but not more. Fold the washcloth and place it so that it covers both eyes. Lie down, and rest for 10-15 minutes at a time, you can do this multiple times a day.

  1. Eye massage

eye masssage

You can easily apply acupressure or the so called Shiatsu massage to your eyes by yourself or have a professional do it for you. You can inform yourself online about the important points to press and massage your eyes accordingly. It might be painful in the beginning, be gentle, and use only your fingers: the tip of your middle finger or the knuckle of the same finger and make spiral or circular movements. The major points are under your pupils, at the sides of the bridge of your nose, your temples and your eyebrows.

  1. Eye mask

Nowadays, there are gel filled masks designed to mold closely to our face. They can be applied cold or warm and even worn overnight. When the mask is cooled in the fridge and placed over our eyes, it soothes sunburns, puffy and tired eyes. We can also soak it in warm water for a few minutes and then wear it for a nice, warming and relaxing effect. This is very useful after a night out or a long journey.

  1. Eye pillow

An eye pillow filled with flax seed and lavender has multiple effects, the fabric is silky, soft and soothing, it blocks out light molding perfectly around your face, it presses down on your acupressure points and the aroma of lavender is relaxing and calming, it evokes memories of nature and stops your mind from over-thinking at least for a few minutes. You can also cool it in the freezer and apply it cold for an additional soothing effect.

  1. Anti-ageing contour treatment

If wrinkles and lines have appeared around your eyes and your eyelids are tired and heavy, there are many anti-ageing treatments available now, including many anti-ageing products. One of these treatments uses gentle micro-current stimulus to reduce the wrinkles and lift the eyelids, and it also diminishes puffiness and dark circles.

Whatever you decide to include in your eye care, make sure to go to your eye doctor for a check-up first, especially if you are having some serious and persistent symptoms. There are many options available, even if your eyesight is getting weaker, you can check for laser eye surgery costs, while still taking precaution and applying some of these home treatments.

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