Best Way to Blow Dry Fine Hair for More Volume

In today’s world, where looking more sassy and trendy is a priority for most of us, it is equally important to be aware of the right techniques, especially when dealing with hair or skin. Our hair is one of the most beautiful gifts to our body and must be treated with care & caution. Irresponsible handling of hair can actually lead to disastrous consequences for oneself, ranging from them getting rough & dry to hair loss in extreme cases.

People with fine and thin hair need to be all the more cautious, while maintaining and styling their hair. Fine hair usually looks crisp but sometimes there does come a need for a denser, voluminous look. Although the density of the same can be increased, it has to be done with caution, and with just the right kind of equipment. For example, there is specific hair dryer for fine hair, as not all kind of hair dryers would give the exact effect that is expected and required.

Following are the steps which can help facilitate increasing volume & density of fine hair without harm or damage:

Pre-Drying Process

It is important that your hair is well conditioned before you start with the blow drying. Not every kind of product (shampoo & conditioner) fits good for every person, and one must be aware of the kind of products that suits his/her hair well.

For assistance in this regard, reliance can always be placed on hair stylists and professionals as they are in a better position to examine your hair and tell you about the products you should use. It is advised that people with fine hair must also use volumizing products so that it becomes easier during the blowing process.

Drying Stage

Before you start with blow-drying your hair, make sure that you have spent an adequate amount of time in letting your hair naturally dry. You can always take the help of a towel or any other cloth as per your convenience, but the essence should be maintained. You cannot afford to use a dryer on wet hair, as it will only make things worse.

If you have a dryer with a nozzle, it is advised that you remove it and directly use it as it is. You can also go for hair dryers without nozzles, provided they meet the requirements that your hair needs. Use a round hair brush, or any other brush that suits your hair with a blow dryer and repeat the process until you have covered all the parts.

Post-Drying Phase

After you are done with the above-mentioned process, keep blowing your hair with cool air and keep running your hands through your hair towards the back side, so that the hair doesn’t stick, and get warm with any sort of fizziness.

Check for wet spots on your scalp, on the roots, and at the back of your hair, and if there are any, keep giving it a cool breeze, and wait till the entire part gets dry. It is generally believed that in order to increase density or volume, one must run his/her hands in the opposite direction that

you normally do. After everything is done, you may apply any sort of additional supplement for better conditioning of your hair, like oil, etc.

You are the master of your own hair, and there is no one else that can take better care of your hair than yourself. It is very important to have the blow-dry done in a right manner, or else it can do more damage than good. You just need to know the nuances and the right techniques, and you are all good to go.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Nice and useful technique. Will try this technique next time while blow drying…

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