Good Morning Sweeties! Welcome to November…

Sky is overcast but there is no sign of rain or thunder. Probably it’s just a sweet reminder that the season for nuts and crackers is not far away. Peeping outside the window, a part of me definitely wants to be sitting in my cozy bed with an interesting book, while sipping a mug of hot chocolate. But simultaneously, another part of me wants to dress up, be outside and enjoy all the fun & festivities the season has to offer.

Isn’t it fun to dress up and look glamorous? Speaking of getting dressed and looking glam, I am sure no one can beat Katrina’s smoking hot look on the red carpet. Sporting a bright red Elli Saab gown Katrina looked all sorts of amazing for her debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

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I liked her gown so much that I dropped the idea of wearing a suit to an upcoming occasion and decided to sport a gown instead. So I started looking for women cocktail dresses online to find a similar red gown to wear for my friend’s theme wedding ceremony in Agra. Yay – I am going to see the Taj Mahal!

And while I go to witness the seventh wonder of the world, you girls can enjoy checking out these five unique cocktail dress and gown ideas that I have compiled from my research on Google.  After all, when it comes to formal dresses, we all girls have a kind of love affair with them.

So go girls, take a look on these five awesome formal party dresses and see which one impresses your fancy and style.

  1. Pink Mini Off-shoulder Dress

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If you can bare so much skin without feeling nervous, this pink off-shoulder organza dress is all you need to feel sassy and glamorous. And pink being my absolute favorite color, this short cocktail dress in pink is definitely my first choice.

  1. Red Satin Mermaid Gown

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While, I could not find a comparable gown that Katrina wore for the red carpet, this red satin mermaid dress with beading caught my attention. I know beadings are extremely high maintenance and hard to keep but if budget isn’t a constraint I would love to splurge on this luxurious red beaded gown.

  1. Black Tea Length Cocktail Dress


Tea length dresses are a rage this season. And I found this versatile black dress while looking for black tea length cocktail dresses. The best part about this black cocktail dress is that you can easily play it up or dress it down as per the formality of the occasion.

  1. Classic Vanilla Floral Gown

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I just love the innocence and simple elegance of this plain vanilla evening gown. The somewhat messy look of this classic gown gives a more relaxed, romantic feeling – like a girl – who is beautiful but does know it – who is a princess but does not remember!

  1. The Ultimate Glam Structured Gown

5 Unique Cocktail Dress and Gown Ideas for Red Carpet LookAnd finally, I have saved this, my favorite of the lot for the last!

When I first saw Aish in this ‘curtain’ looking heavy textured fabric, I was like, “oo la la”, just red carpet perfect! This one is a total stunner with its rich white color, black feathers and construction. The gown has a definite shape of its own, which gives out a unique regal sense of elegance!

Now whether you want to sport a gown or a cocktail dress depending on your personality and formality of the occasion, you would certainly these five formal dress ideas useful to make your own red carpet statement.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some elegant wedding dress ideas, I’ve got some here.

I’ve also written about tips for finding perfect wedding dresses and re-wearable prom dresses, where I suppose you may also draw inspiration if you’re looking for elegant dresses on a budget. Good luck and have fun. Xoxo.


Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. The black dress looks quite nice.

  2. I loooved Katrina Kaif’s gown, I love red! Then Aish’s gown is fantastic, well matched with the nice shoes! I also loved the suggestions, dress number 4 is my favorite, nice color and very beautiful style!

  3. love glam structured gown and flowy gown a lot…nice compilation of dresses dear.

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