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What’s up beauties? How are you doing this fine fall morning? I’m rushing out the door to catch up with a friend, who’s getting married this December. Being her BFF, one of my BFF’s duties is to help her find wedding dresses that she can wear even after the wedding. I know, everyone says that but no one does.

So no matter how much we enjoy the thrill of shopping for a formal dress, we hate the idea of “the” dress dying a slow uneventful death at the back of the closet.  After all, it’s probably one of the most expensive dresses you have purchased and it would be nice to be able to wear it again.

With prom season upon us, I know many of you would be keen to find worthy creations that are as gorgeous as they are rewearable. So girls, if you are also after versatile prom dresses that will go further than one night, here are some useful tips:

Top four tips for finding a versatile or rewearable prom dress

  1. Go for red

road2beauty-indian beauty blogThe allure of red never goes out of fashion. This halter neck unique dress in red is all you need for a jaw-dropping look. There are so many cheap red prom dresses under $ 100 available online. Best part about buying a red formal dress is that you can wear it over and over again without getting bored or feeling outdated.

However, when going for a red dress, make sure to keep everything else simple or minimal – your hair, makeup, and accessories.

2. Keep it simple, chic and white

road2beauty - indian beauty blogThis short prom dress in ivory is classy and sexy at the same time. You can easily get away with any occasion with the contemporary elegance of this short white dress. Edging on the delightful vanilla side, this one is my favorite.

3. Strike the right chord with metallic dress

road2beauty blogShimmer and sparkles look super stylish and flirty, agreed. But truth be told, metallic hues are fun, when you are young. For a dress to be wearable, you need to strike a right balance of fashion, elegance, and class. This sheath column dress in silver chiffon with delicate sequins on one shoulder does just that.

I love the Grecian draping, metallic color, and flattering fit of this sober silver dress.

4. Get dressy with pastels

road2beauty blogLooking for a prom dress that you can wear again? Think pastel. Light blue prom dresses not only look very delightful and charming but they can also be turned into something less formal by simply switching your accessories or changing your hairstyle.

The smart side slit on one side of the leg and elegant stone work on the neck adds to the glamour of this dress, while softening the maturity of the color. I like the creativity of this charming blue gown.

So girls, it’s not difficult to find dresses that you’ll want to wear even after the big day. The key is looking for the right cut, color, and design of an outfit. I really hope we find wedding dresses for my friend that she is able to wear again. Please send me some good luck dress vibes. Have a nice day!



Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. These are great tips. Shame I’m long passed school days now.


  2. Loving white and metallic style.

  3. The red, grey and aqua dresses are fantastic! I don’t have a prom now, better to say, I will never have from now on, but I would love to wear these dresses on a special occasion!

  4. All the models you show are fantastic <3

    Melange-Boutique Blog by Noe&Lolita

  5. Great picks, doll! All so pretty!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. I really like the idea of having a prom dress you can wear again 🙂 Your tips are all wonderful, i like the pastel blue dress

    Rachel xx

  7. nice ideas and i liked the dresses you displayed 🙂

  8. fashionstorydress at Reply

    thanks for sharing great tips and ideas

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