The Luxe Café Website Review

Someone just asked me about three things I enjoy doing the most.

I didn’t think.

Reading, writing, and traveling

The answer came quickly and spontaneously.

But as I took a deep moment to ponder, it occurred to me one thing that resonates with all three activities I enjoy the most is luxury! I am a sucker for all things rich and luxurious. And it is not just reading, writing, and traveling; I seek luxury in all my experiences.

The little cup of coffee I enjoy in the morning, the book I read at bed time, the romantic trip I took to the beach………the list is endless.

My love for luxury is also tied up with this blog. It is luxury really; the freedom to work anytime I want, from anywhere I desire and at the same time weave things I enjoy into my day!

But with interest comes curiosity. What goes into making an experience rich and luxurious? Why do we find certain things luxe, while others not? And how to further whet my appetite for fine living and make informed choices?

So when The Luxe Café website review campaign came to my radar, I got super excited. I saw an opportunity to find answers to all my queries and concerns related to living a tasteful and luxurious life.

About The Luxe Café

“The Luxe Café is India’s very own b2c focused e-platform with curated content, dedicated to global luxury and fine living.” As a J.J. Valaya initiative, The Luxe Café is envisioned by Manisha Mayur Shekhar ex-journalist and luxury marketing expert to bring together India’s growing numbers of brand-conscious buyers and luxury-enthusiasts in close touch with all that is happening, that is new and that comes straight through the experts from the world of luxury.

So whether you are looking for the latest car model, an exotic food blend, details and highlights of latest designer collection or whatever that is new and hot in travel and lifestyle, The Luxe Café is your place to be. Simply login to and get your desired luxury fix. The website caters to the interests of audience across India, even to those residing in tier 2&3 towns and cities.

My Experience with The Luxe Cafe

Design and Concept

What I liked the most about this luxury website is that it is not a pompous or a flashy website and rather looks quite classy and sophisticated. Indeed it is designed and conceptualized in a highly tasteful and dignified way.

Content and Images

Also, the quality of the pictures and content is superb. And why not, after all, the opinions expressed on this luxury ezine come from industry experts directly engaging with the readers on how to make informed consumer choices. It act as a wonderful guide/magazine for all those who ever wanted to get first-hand, authentic information and advice on premium brands, and also for those who do not have convenient access to such brands or information.

Range of Content

With an extensive range of content from fashion, gastronomy, décor, auto, real estate, travel, personalities and ideas all packed in, the e-zine has definitely has something of deep interest for every one. It is indeed like a virtual salon for the serious purveyors of luxury and fine living.

Appeals to the Taste of Everyone

Another interesting feature about this luxury website is that unlike other luxury portals or magazines in the city that cater to the sensibilities of only the rich and the famous, The Luxe Café with its amazing concept appeals to the taste and interest of everyone and not just the privileged few residing in cosmopolitan cities.

Popular Personalities

Moreover, with popular personalities like HH Maharaja Gaj Singh, Rosita Missoni – founder of the Italian fashion house Missoni, Malav Shroff -boating tycoon, Dinaz Madhukar – President of DLF Emporio Riccardo Bestetti – creator of bespoke Italian men’s shoes associated with the cause of The Luxe Café, makes this luxury ezine is truly unique, interesting, and authentic.

My Overall Take of

Overall, is an excellent luxury ezine and the very first of its kind. And as India is witnessing a bloom in luxury industry with rise in brand conscious population and high spending individuals across the country, this luxury ezine can play a strategic role in the evolution of the ‘Luxe Consciousness’ in India  and fill the gap between all things luxury and its patrons spread all across the country.

Finally, I agree with Manisha Mayur Shekhar (Editorial Director & Founder, when she says, “The Luxe Cafe` is more than just a website. It is your very own quick gateway to a world of luxurious, enriching, premium lifestyle”.

So girls, if you have an eye for the new, if you believe luxury is an expression of the innate aesthetics, and if you feel knowing better only means that coming from the best, visit The Luxe Café and be a part of the luxury consciousness.

Just brew yourself a cup of coffee – walk into and see your ordinary life transforming into extraordinary.


The website review is a sponsored post but the views and opinions expressed in the post are my own.



Written by Anshulika Chawla


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