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I am a Dove a girl. I had been using Dove products much before I started experimenting with all other fancy brands and luxurious cosmetics. I was first introduced to Dove by my mom, when I was a teenager. Back then, there was no concept of body washes, bath gels, shower gels, body butters, cream baths and body lotions that we have now. The original Dove soap was the only soap that was gentle enough for my sensitive skin.

Dove stood me in good stead. Despite having a dry skin, I was often called as the girl with the ‘marble skin’ during my college days. Thanks to the ¼ moisturizing cream in this bathing bar, it used to leave my skin wonderfully soft, white, and smooth. Moving to Mumbai, however, I moved my loyalties.

I began using expensive body washes, imported bath gels and body lotions made with fancy ingredients. And now it so happened that a few months after returning from a trip to the beach, I found my skin with a bad tan along with a thick layer of dirt and dead skin. No amount of my favorite shower gels and body lotions seemed to help.

A thought flickered through my memory lane of how Dove used to leave my skin so clean and glowing. I promptly got my teenage love, the original Dove cream beauty bathing bar from a nearby shop and began using it day and night. It’s been a complete month, I am religiously using Dove soap for bathing and here comes the review:

My Experience with Dove Cream Bathing Bar:

The soap has not even changed slightly from the initial days I started using it. It comes in a sober blue and white packaging with the signature Dove bird logo embedded on the creamy milky white colored bar. The scent is familiar and comforting. I love the way its gentle baby powder like fragrance lingers on my skin after bath.

The ¼ moisturizing cream along with five essential nutrients like vitamin E, C, green tea extract and spring water not only nourish and hydrate the skin but also help in effectively cleaning the skin of all dirt and grime build-up. No wonder it is the ideal soap to use anytime. Only a week after using Dove, I noticed my skin was getting healthier and brighter. Now a month after use, my skin feels so soft, smooth and radiant like milk.

Quantity: 100 gm

Price: 54


  1. Readily and easily available
  2. Highly inexpensive
  3. Effective cleanser
  4. Gentle soothing fragrance
  5. Leaves skin moisturized
  6. Great for all seasons, especially winters
  7. Lasts long as it does not get washed away like some other bathing bars


  1. May not be suitable for oily skinned beauties or those who sweat a lot
  2. Original Dove may not be suitable during peak summer season (you can use the Green variant though, feels and smells fresh for summers)


Of course, like any other good product in the market, Dove is also not a miracle product. It is definitely a great cleanser for those with dry, dull, and sensitive skin who want an affordable and easily available solution for their woes. But it is not a good choice for those who are looking for dramatic results or looking to undone years of tanning and abuse with a soap!

Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase: Yes



Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Good review! I like how your reviews always have a personal story behind them. 🙂

    • Anshulika Chawla at Reply

      Awww…thats so nice of you. Thanks sweetie..

  2. Hitesh at Reply

    Is it good for oily skin???

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