If beauty world has really produced some magic wands, dry shampoo is one of them. It’s a miracle product that can instantly transform your bad hair day into a wonder hair day. A good dry shampoo not only soaks up excess oil but cleans your hair, lifts volume and leaves your hair smelling fresh and vibrant.

However not all dry shampoos are created equal. The game changes when your great expectations from a dry shampoo fall flat. I recently experienced one such disappointment with a product I had high hopes for. I first got hooked to the dry shampoo brigade with L’Oreal Fresh Dust dry shampoo.

I have fine, limp hair that get oily just a day or two after wash. But this dry shampoo discovery changed my life for the better and I developed a regular regimen of skipping shower and refreshing my dirty hair with fresh dust. No wonder, I finished the whole can in just less than a month!

While, I was satisfied with the results L’O real gave, the beauty blogger in me wanted to try something new – something different – something that becomes my end-all-be-all product! And there I came across BBlunt Back to Life dry shampoo.

It seemed to me a total bargain especially since it came at a price tag half less than L’Oreal and I had also read some good reviews about it. But did it actually turn out to be the HG dry shampoo, I was looking for? Well, read full dry shampoo review to discover for yourself.

Review of BBlunt Back to Life Dry Shampoo

BBlunt back to life dry shampoo reviewPackaging:

BBlunt dry shampoo comes in a silver colored spray can with a transparent lid. The packaging is travel-friendly and convenient to use.

Texture & Scent:

Unlike L’Oreal fresh dust dry shampoo, which has a powdery texture, I found the texture of BBlunt back to life dry shampoo to be a bit wet. It has a fresh and floral scent that dissipates almost immediately after spraying the product into hair.


With all the rave reviews on the net, I was hopeful that Bblunt is the HG dry shampoo I was looking for. But when I finally tried this product on my greasy mane in hopes of a bouncy transformation, I had no idea I was in for an anticlimax!

Although, the texture seemed a bit wet to me, the product quickly turned into soft white powder on touching my scalp. It was okay so far but what made me gripe was the fact it left a white cast on my dark hair! I literally had to massage the product well into my scalp and hair with my fingers to make the white cast evaporate.

I was now expecting for the magic to happen. But it didn’t. ‘Pchit’ – some more spray. Again nothing happened. ‘Pchitttttttttttt’ – more mist. Still nothing happened! Pchit! Pchit! Pchit!

BBlunt back to life dry shampoo reviewAh – now I could feel some difference! Few swipes with my brush and my hair looked fresh. The oil was absorbed and my mane looked neat. But as for adding texture and lifting my roots for volume, I regret to say, nothing of that sort happened, despite massive spraying of the product.

Anyhow, the good part is its light weight and milder compared to the L’Oreal one. Also, the scent is subtle and gentle unlike the overpowering chemical laden scent of other dry shampoos in the market. But as for its seemingly reasonable price, it turns out to be an equally pricey dry shampoo given the amount of product you need to make a difference to your hair.


  • Travel-friendly, convenient packaging
  • Pleasing floral fragrance
  • Light formula
  • Absorbs excess oil from scalp
  • Reasonably priced


  • Leaves a white cast on dark hair
  • Contains chemicals
  • Lot of product is required to make some noticeable difference to hair
  • Does not add any texture or volume to fine hair

BBlunt back to life dry shampoo reviewR2B Rating: 2.5/5

Overall Take:

I wanted to find a bargain brand that I loved but alas Bblunt back to life dry shampoo didn’t turn out to be the HG dry shampoo I thought it to be. So overall, BBlunt dry shampoo is an average dry shampoo that does its basic job fine. But if you are looking for a miracle product to transform your funky hair into glossy, bouncy locks, BBlunt back to life dry shampoo is certainly not the one.

Pic credit: http://images.divinecaroline.mdpcdn.com/sites/divinecaroline.com/files/styles/facebook_og_image/public/dry_shampoo.jpg?itok=VFc36wXn


Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Your review is making me to stay away from it..

  2. I’ve ordered this on Amazon. Waiting for my order to arrive. Can’t wait to try it out.

  3. White cast is bit disappointing but really a good product. Nice review!


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