Love your lemonade? So do us! It is not only a refreshing drink for a hot summer evening but also one that brings in a lot of vitamins and nourishment to the body. But what if we told you that the humble lime could help you rid the skin from age spots, acne, pimples and more? Would that excite you enough to start your own DIY hair and skin care routine from today; at least to incorporate the use of lime in your beauty regime? It certainly would!

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Here are five ways to add lemon to your DIY beauty routine and ready for the fabulous hair and lovely skin to flaunt:
1. Treat your dandruff and grime:

One teaspoon of honey and a cup of lime juice to rid the scalp of dandruff and grime. Yes, you read that right. While honey is a natural moisturizer, lemon concentrate with all its vitamins nourishes the skin and scalp while keeping the surface healthy and clean.

Before you wash your hair, apply the pack from tip to root and wait for twenty minutes. Once you feel the hair is dry, condition the hair with a mild conditioner to begin with, and then shampoo your hair under luke-warm water. Do this thrice a week and watch the results in a week’s time. Now, start wearing black tops, sans the worry of dandruff flakes showing around!
2. To get that gorgeous, baby-like skin:

A cup of lemon concentrate and gram-flour with sour curd. Mix the three into a gooey paste and apply it all over your face, forehead and neck. Wait for twenty minutes until the face pack completely dries. Wash off under running cold water, while gently massaging your face in circular motion to exfoliate the skin using the coarse granules of gramflour. Do this twice a week and watch how supple and soft your skin becomes- bringing on a fabulous flawless glow as well.
3. Get smooth clear skin sans acne and marks:

A cup of lime juice and strawberries can do wonders for the acne prone skin. Acne happens because of unhealthy eating habits, hormonal changes, unhealthy lifestyles and more, and this needs to be tackled the holistic way. The vitamins found in a cup of lime juice would help keep the skin nourished, while the paste of strawberries can help bring the gladiators to fight skin issues and the onslaught of free radicals too. Apply the paste for ten minutes and wash it off under cold water. Do this thrice a week and watch how the skin becomes as soft as a baby’s bottom!
4. Lime juice and coconut oil:

Lime juice when mixed with coconut oil can help you get rid-off itchy scalp problems. For this, you would need half a cup of lime concentrate and a cup of warm coconut oil. Mix the two and apply it well from tip to root, leaving the pack on for about half an hour.

Once the hair seems dry enough, wash it with cold water and shampoo later. Do this twice a week and get rid of the itchy scalp and build-up too.
5. Acne and pimple marks be gone:

For this you would need a whole radish (pasted) and added to a cup of lime paste. Apply the pack on your face for half an hour and allow it to dry. Once it is dry enough, wash the face with cold milk and water later on. The marks left behind by pimples and acne, dark spots and under eye dark circles too would be a thing of the past.

We hope these five tips work wonders for you. Be all fabulous and glowing.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Nice info 🙂

  2. wooow i have acne .i am going to try raddish and lime paste

  3. those are some amazing tips! I will definitely try the raddish paste trick to get rid of my stubborn acne marks.. Thankyou 🙂

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