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There are many moments that we experience in life that are deeply embedded in our minds. Special occasions like birthdays, weddings, the birth of a child etc. Or even sad occasions like the loss of a job, loss of a dear one amongst others.

Many times we seek to preserve mementos of such occasions. In the modern world, these memories can be captured in pictures or videos and be kept in your memory card or any other storage device.

But where these memories are tied to gifts of great value (it may be financial or sentimental value), there remains an old but ever efficient way of preserving these gifts. This means of preservation is especially more apt where the gift items are jewelries.

Jewelry Boxes

Originally known as caskets in English, they are containers, smaller than chests and are used to store or preserve items that are of great value to the owner. They were quite the big deal in the olden days and were mostly owned by affluent people who would usually be the ones in possession of things of great value. You can read more about it here.

Types of Jewelry Boxes

Today, however, while still an amazing accessory to have, it is no longer the exclusive object it once was. Now, anyone who is interested in the product can buy it as there are various designers and makers of the product out there.

An offshoot of having various makers of this product is variety. So, as a prospective buyer, wouldn’t you rather be informed of the various types of the product that you want to buy?

The following are the types of jewelry boxes that there are:

Jewelry Boxes with Internal Lighting: This light is primarily for visibility in the interior of the box. Though it could also just be a statement of style or just for decorative purposes. It is more common with the bigger options used for storage purposes e.g. armoires.

Musical Boxes: These are mostly made for or given as gifts to children thus, there’s usually lots of decoration in them. The interior of these types are usually made with delicate materials and thus, very fragile and should be handled with care. They also come with lullaby tones.

The Stackable Boxes: These types are the most practical of the lot. This is because the inside is made up of trays that are kept on top of each other hence the word to “stack”. This creates different segments in the box for you to keep your jewelries.

The Mirrored Ones: These types are so called because they contain mirrors on the inside. The mirror is primarily for decorative purpose. They can be gotten in different shapes and sizes subject to the choice of the purchaser.

There are also various other types of jewelry boxes that can be found in the market that are of great quality. They can be made of wood, leather, iron and even cardboard. They are all designed intricately to meet different tastes and needs. The buyer is the ultimate deciding factor here.

Why Buy a Jewelry Box?

Having been informed on the various types and options out there, the question now is ‘why should an individual buy one? Are they necessary?  Yes they are and the following are reasons why you should consider making a purchase:

Organizing Your Valuables

The ability to properly organize and to keep count of your valuables at any given time is a great advantage to anyone. This is because, in the event of any occurrence, you will be able to specifically point to where your belongings were kept.

For Safety Purposes

Jewelries are subject to being stolen when left or kept in an unsecured place. This is because they are valuable and can be quite costly in the market. Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence but it can be prevented if proper care is taken to keep these valuables safe and purchasing these boxes is one helpful means of doing so.

For Accessibility

People who do not have a central place of keeping these valuables usually end up keeping it at different locations. This makes it very difficult for them to be easily located when needed. People have been known to forget that they ever owned a certain ring, necklace or trinket! But when kept in a box in a particular location, it can easily be accessed when needed.

Helps Prevent Damage

Without a proper place of storage, your necklace, earrings or trinket might be thrown around carelessly and this makes it susceptible to damage due to the elements and other factor. This however, can be prevented with proper storage.

It is More Portable

Having your jewelries in one spot makes it easy for you to carry them with you on a trip. And having your jewelries with you gives you the benefit of being prepared for any occasion.

It Is Stylish and Classy

There is a saying that anything worth doing is worth doing well so, why not add a bit of style and class to your whole assemblage?  You can do this with a stylish jewelry box.

It Is Cost Effective

Depending on the brand and type that you buy, jewelry boxes will definitely come at a price (some more costly than others). However, whatever they may cost is nothing compared to the cost of replacing a lost valuable like your necklace, ring or chain.

How to Get a Jewelry Box

There are primarily two ways of doing this, they are

Making one yourself

Making a purchase in a store

Making One for Yourself

If you are good with tools or have some knowledge about wood work and design then, this might be an option for you to explore. However, if you know or have a reliable person who would be able to do this for you, (for free or for a price) then you can hire the services of such a person. If the above is not the case, then you have to buy.

Making a Purchase In a Store

The following are things to consider before making a choice of what product to purchase:

Wood is always the safest bet to choose as it lasts longer, provides insulation and helps to keep your items safe.

Factor in your jewelry collection before buying one so that you will buy a product that would serve your needs.

You can have one custom made for you by professionals.  

The Dolphin Jewelry Box

dolphin jewelry box

These are handcrafted, customized boxes, made of wood and gotten specifically on the orders of a customer. This is one way of making your order for what you specifically want; you give details of your preferred style or design so that it is made accordingly.

The crafters are highly skilled professionals who will meet your requirements at a moderate price. These boxes, called a dolphin jewelry box, usually have a dolphin logo or design inscribed on the top.


It is important that your jewellery is kept safe and properly preserved. This is because, asides their worth, they embody fond memories of the occasions when they were gotten. An example would be a necklace given to you on your birthday or a bracelet given on your wedding anniversary etc.

This is what jewelry boxes are meant for. It is hoped that from this article, you now know how to get a suitable one for your mementos.  

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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