Top 5 Tips for Travelling with Jewelry hassle-free

Traveling with your jewelry can be quite a hassle if you don’t think it through. Hence, it is important that you plan it before you leave for a trip in order to make sure they’re safe and pretty while you let your hair down.

Travelling with jewellery can bring forth a lot of problems.

1. You could lose important pieces of jewellery. It especially hurts if they are expensive ones or some jewellery piece that you’re attached to.
2. When carrying jewellery pieces in the luggage, there is a fear of damaging them. The necklaces could get tangled, the stones could come out and so on.
3. Along with all the compliments, precious jewellery pieces often attract wrong attention in the form of thieves or pickpocketers.

It hurts especially if they are expensive ones, bought from special online jewellery stores or some jewellery piece that you’re attached to.

So here are 5 things that you need to know when traveling with jewelry in order to avoid these problems.

Top 5 Tips for Travelling with Jewelry Hassle-free

  1. Choosing the jewellery pieces you intend to carry wisely

While one can never get enough of jewellery pieces, it is best to decide on the jewellery pieces to carry on a journey very wisely. Firstly, avoid carrying your expensive jewellery as well as pieces that hold sentimental value for you especially your wedding ring on a vacation to completely avoid chances of losing your most precious ones.

Secondly, being realistic about your jewelry needs for the trip helps a great deal in packing, and choosing which pieces to carry with you. Depending upon your itinerary, you can plan the jewelry you need to carry.

2. Packing your jewellery right

Once you have decided on the pieces that you are going to carry with you, it is essential to pack them carefully in order to avoid any possible damage to your jewellery. It is a wise option to spend on some good quality travel jewellery cases, jewellery pouches, pearl folders etc. and pack your valuable jewellery with utmost precision.

Top 5 Tips for Travelling with Jewelry You Need to Know

3. Keeping jewellery items close to you

Keeping the jewellery close to yourself is the best assurance of its safety. While on the flight it is best to wear some of your important jewellery pieces or you could carry your jewellery with you in your hand luggage to make sure it is safe and secure.

It is important that you avoid carrying your jewelry in the check-in luggage at all costs since they have a higher probability of getting lost in transit.

Additionally, always be mindful of the bag that has your jewellery. When at the hotel, do not let the staff carry the jewellery handbag.

4. Getting a jewellery insurance

If you’re travelling with very expensive jewellery pieces, you could look into getting a jewellery insurance policy. This could help in an unfortunate event of your jewellery getting stolen or if it goes missing.

5. Keeping the jewelry secure on arrival

When at your hotel room, it is a good idea to use the safe provided in your use to store your jewelry or any other valuables to ensure complete safety. Additionally, if the jewelry is extremely expensive you could check with the hotel about other security services that they might offer to keep your belongings safe.travelling with+++++

While we know it could be difficult to leave behind your fancy jewelry pieces when going on a vacation, it is important to note that it is always a better option than losing something valuable and ruining your otherwise perfect holiday. By taking these measures beforehand, you’ll definitely have a hassle-free and enjoyable holiday.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


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