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Ever since I started blogging, my bedroom turned into my office and my bed became my desk for my 15 inches Dell Laptop. The arrangement worked well for some time under the heat of passion and beginner’s luck. But then let’s get real, it’s hard to stay motivated especially in the cold season when you are on a cosy bed with your fave drama series going on Netflix. The temptation gnaws at your soul.

No wonder, I’m now totally convinced to the idea of having an organized work station as one of the keys to living a successful life. And so I’ve been on the lookout for some good desktop organizers and office accessories to create a nice working space where I can feel inspired and motivated to work.

home improvement shopping

And what better time to update home office than Black Friday!

With shopping season upon us, I’m hooked to the internet for finding the best deals in home improvement and office supplies. Talking about home improvement, you can never go wrong with Lowe’s – they curate the best stuff and I love their variety and prices.

Currently, I have my eyes on this Anna Griffin Desktop Organizer from Boston Loft Furnishings. What struck me the most about this organizer is it’s Antique white finish and neat compartments that hint at traditional country style – ideal for a writer’s desk.

Besides a decent desk organizer, the stuff I want to stock up on are some notepads, pen and pencil holders, drawer organizers and some glittery decor pieces to spark up my space.

While Instagram and Pinterest keep showing me these perfect looking offices with a dash of style and elegance and I kind of want the same for my workspace, but it’s best to tackle one miracle at a time.

So right now my focus is on finding a decent desk organiser for my writing and blogging work. The piece that I’m obsessing over is already at best price on Lowe’s but I’m expecting an even better price given the big Black Friday sale in most retailers and home goods stores. Lowe’s have already released their Black Friday ad, which I just checked.

And if you happen to be someone looking to redo your kitchen, there’s super good news for you as there are “Suite” deals on appliances covering fridges, ovens and washer/dryer combos going on at Lowe’s. And that’s why I like to call it ‘The Hunger Games’ for home goods – their BF sale can make any shopaholic lady like me hungry for home goods.

But if you’re like me desiring to update home office but having a hard time finding good deals on office supplies and accessories, you might find coupon aggregate site, Slickdeals to be of great help for finding best deals and details about some of your favourite stores or brands or how much a certain item would be sold for on that day.

So whether you’re looking to update your home office or kitchen, be warned the day after Thanksgiving can get too hectic and confusing as crowds of customers would be vying for the best deals.

My best bet in such a scenario is to simply go online, identify intended purchases or visit your preferred store before the big day to become familiar with the layout and thereby avoid all the confusion and rush.

Well, these are my home improvement plans and shopping tips for this Black Friday. How about you? What home improvements are you looking for? Would love to hear about your plans and purchases. Please share your thoughts on Black Friday shopping in the comments section below.
Happy Shopping!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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