Tips for Choosing the Right Hairdresser for Yourself

Putting ourselves in the hands of a capable hairdresser can open up a series of possibilities that we did not expect, change our mood and make us see things differently.

There are so many women who have regretted having trusted the first that happens and find their heads ruined for weeks, with horrible ideas, rough and irrecoverable cuts, as well as flat colors that seem to come out of a child’s imagination. Choosing a good hairdresser is not easy, but not too difficult if you follow a logical method that with a certain criterion leads us straight to the perfect hairdresser.

Listed below are some useful tips that help you choose the right hairdresser.

Gaining the Right Information

Just look around a little to see friends and colleagues arriving with the perfect head, which seems to have come straight out of a movie set. Maybe they had their hair done the day before by their trusted hairdresser, or they just got out and still smells fresh. The key points to inquire about, of course, are color, cut, and specialty.

It is not certain that all hairdressers are experts in every sector, but maybe there are some that are more suitable for a certain type of intervention. This part is a substantial detail to keep in mind when making a choice because not necessarily all services are part of our needs.

Costs are another important point, since often at the hairdresser you risk spending very considerable sums if you go blind. A good hairdresser such as Tony Shamas always has the price list in full view, but the rule is that if the costs are too low, obviously it is good to stay away because you will probably be faced with poor products and perhaps personnel who have not had in-depth training and updates.

Test the Hairdresser

Given that hairdressers who choose cheap products should be avoided, another factor to consider is the type of approach. The type of products that are used in hairdressing shops is decisive because some like natural-based products, while others prefer synthetic ones.

How to put your new hairdresser to the test? Just look for the photos of some actress and model you would like to be inspired by for a haircut that you think enhances you, that you will keep as a reference, but put in the middle of the list a cut that you would never do because you know perfectly well that it is not suitable for the shape of your face.

When you go to the hairdresser to inform you, you propose the bad cut among the others. Depending on how he responds to you, you can get an idea of ​​the type of character you have in front of you. If he’s greedy, he won’t mind ruining your head with your indecent proposal, while if he’s a professional, he’ll try to guide you towards the best choice for you.

Studying The Store: Collaborators And Atmosphere

You can go and see what kind of clientele attends the hair dresser’s salon, how many collaborators are there and if they are efficient, and above all, if there is teamwork or a tense and nervous environment. Many do not think about it, but going to do their hair is an almost transcendent moment, where you can finally abandon yourself to relaxation and enjoy the care of a professional who has a primary interest in client satisfaction.

Your visit to the hair salon must be a moment of relaxation, so the environment must be discreetly relaxing, with quiet, friendly, and non-urgent staff, able to listen to requests of the customer and to respond politely, possibly advising the customer without imposing decisions or trying to sell products in an unjustified manner.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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