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Over the last few years, skin cancers have emerged as the commonest forms of cancer, accounting for about 40% of all cancers worldwide. However, the incidence is low in Asians and it accounts for 2%-4% of all cancers.

However, the skin cancers that do occur are often diagnosed late, and hence have a poor outcome, which highlights the need for taking proper precautions and staying away from this deadly disease.

Common Types and Cures of Skin Cancers

Basal cell carcinoma:

This is a very slow growing cancer which spreads locally. This peculiar type of cancer does not spread to distant sites but is commonly seen on the face and exposed parts of the body like the hands. It is very easy to treat this cancer and a simple excision with an adequate margin usually results in a complete cure.

Squamous cell carcinoma:

This cancer grows faster than a basal cell carcinoma, but is a milder form of cancer when compared to a melanoma. This appears as an ulcer or a raised lump with a rough centre or simply as a rough red patch, which does not heal. It is also commonly seen on the sun exposed skin of the face and hands and upper back. A simple biopsy can confirm the diagnosis, which then requires the whole mass to be removed with adequate margins.


Of all the types of skin cancers, this is the most dreaded cancer. It appears as a black mark on the skin and can spread very rapidly, and a delayed diagnosis can prove to be very dangerous. Although this form of cancer is uncommon in Asians, when it does occur, the diagnosis is delayed due to low suspicion index and has grievous sequelae. As this type of cancer is more difficult to treat, managing this form of skin cancer requires a high degree of skill.

Do’s and Dont’s to Keep Skin Cancer at Bay

Apply sunscreen generously once every 2 hours

Use UV protective goggles and protective clothing to avoid UV exposure

Avoid tanning beds

Cut down on smoking

Get moles mapped regularly

Keep track of familial forms of cancers that can run across generations in some families

Be careful while on medications like immune-suppressants, often used in treating other cancers, that can increase the risk of skin cancers.

Though cancers are deadly and require extensive treatment and care, in some cases, creams or radiation treatment may also be effective.

About The Skin Center:

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Written by Anshulika Chawla

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