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It’s Monday again but I’m taking it easy and blogging to you from my bed in the afternoon. So I thought I’d skip the morning keynote and share with you something that I have discovered lately – something that would interest all of you, whether you’re looking to make money online or just browse the internet for unique ideas and products.

Intrigued? Well, it’s about – a new online selling site, where you can buy or sell your products, services and even second hand items to an all open, large international audience. It was fun going through the site and the experience left me feeling inspired and excited.

Want to know more about Take a look at ezebee You Tube Channel and read full website review below:

My Experience and Review of is basically a free online marketplace for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and local artisans, where they can create their free online shop to showcase and sell their products online. The service is completely free and ezebee website does not take any commissions on sales, making it a win-win for both, the buyers and the sellers.

Here are six things about that makes it unique and special from all other e-commerce websites on the internet:

Make Money Online with

  1. It’s not about them, it’s about YOU

Founded by Ossian Vogal and Frank de Vries in the midst of the economic crisis, Ezebee is not about them or for them to sell their stuff online but it’s about you. Whether you are a small business who wants to sell online or a professional who needs to offer services, is the place to be – to get your business online or make your services visible to the world in no time. And as mentioned earlier, it’s completely free!

  1. Artisans get platform and you can shop local

By adding new city pages, has not only provided support and platform to local sellers and artisans but also benefited local buyers, who can save on the shipping costs by buying local. The other plus point is you can discover shops and users in your area that you never knew existed, thus expanding your reach.

Make Money Online with

  1. Anyone can sell online and be an entrepreneur

If you’ve been thinking of how to make money online, lately, well there’s good news! Stop thinking and get started with ezebee.zom. Just a few clicks and you create your free online shop and start selling.

So no matter what you do, where you are from or how much money you have, with you can easily get your business online and make your dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true.

  1. Create free Facebook shop

If you already have a Facebook account or blog page for your product or service, makes it all the more easy for you to sell your stuff or service online. All you need to do is just add widget to your Facebook or blog page and start selling and making money online.

  1. Make money selling your used products

Even if you don’t have a unique product or service to sell, you can still make money online by selling your used or second hand items online at Ezebee’s classified ad section.

  1. Connect and network with like-minded individuals

Another thing that makes unique from other ecommerce websites is ezebee is not just a buying or selling website. also acts as a great social networking platform, where like-minded creative people/businesses can connect, network, form ideas, contacts and even friends with others in the field.

So whether you want to discover, or get discovered, inspire or get inspired and make money online while doing so, is the place to go. If you haven’t been to yet, you better be!


Written by Anshulika Chawla

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