I know you all must be waiting for the final verdict on Godrej expert rich creme hair color, I reviewed here last month on behalf of my mother in law. Its been exactly a month she colored her hair, hence perfect time to pass final verdict on the product. So here I go:

Mom-in-law’s Hair Color History:

My mother-in-law uses hair color mainly to cover her grey patches. Its been more than 15 years, she has been coloring her hair mostly at home and sometimes in saloons (for some special occasion). All she wants is to create a natural look with a product that is convenient to use at home and lasts long.

Before switching to Godrej, she had been using Garnier Color Naturals, which used to last her for about two weeks until wearing a noticeably faded look. Given her past hair coloring experience, across Brands, over all these years, she was not expecting any dramatic change or benefits from Godrej either. All she liked about Godrej expert rich creme hair color was its price until she used the color.

blog 3Her Experience with Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Color:

She has always had brown hair as opposed to dark ones, so she picked up shade Natural Brown for her tresses. She applied the hair color in the same way as she had been doing in the past. She does not use any color extend or color protecting shampoos and uses a normal Dove shampoo for washing her hair.

Its been four weeks, she has put the hair color on and has washed her hair for around 10 – 12 times, without any reapplication or touch up. Its only now that her locks do not look as bright as they looked till recently. The colour is clearly more long lasting & vibrant than Garnier Colour Naturals.

The creamy mixture spreads easily and does not drip. Also, the rich crème ensures that all the strands are covered evenly with no peek throughs and faint grey patches. My mom-in-law is really impressed with even coverage and the softness the hair color has imparted to her hair.

blog 2Results:

  • Lasts easily for around 4 weeks
  • Makes hair soft and shiny
  • Perfectly even coverage
  • Does not cause any damage or allergy
  • Does not make hair rough

My Final Verdict:

Considering the cost, results, ingredients and ease of application, this rich creme hair color is truly a wow product from Godrej. This hair color does not damage your hair or make them rough, rather it makes them beautifully shiny and colored from the root to the tip.

Moreover, the results have made me wonder. If the product can give such long lasting results without the use of any conditioners and color protecting shampoos, how dramatically it can change the look of your hair with the use of hair care and color care products. I am sure if you use color extend shampoos and similar products, the color will come out to be all the more nice and bright for you.

Rating: 4.5/5

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Another excellent review! You are always thorough in your reviews. Good point about color extend shampoos. Glad to hear your mother-in-law is happy with the result. 🙂

    • Thanks Holly..

    • Somasundaram at Reply

      Your product is priced for individual single packets. But Coimbatore Departmental Store(Kannan) insists to buy full packet consisting 8 packets

  2. Another excellent review! You are always thorough in your reviews. Good point about color extend shampoos. Glad to hear your mother-in-law is happy with the result.

  3. Harshika sumra at Reply

    How much days will godrej black dye will last?

  4. How long does godrej black hair dye last??

  5. Shilpa at Reply

    I used godrej rich creamy hair color but it last for only one week,as I have grey hair near my ears and also in front area of my forehead. I used to shampoo my hair only once in a week.

  6. Ishika at Reply

    Which hair dye is best

    • It’s always better to pick hair colors over traditional dyes, which don’t look natural and are damaging to the hair. L’Oreal casting creme gloss, Garnier color naturals, Wella colorstint are few best ones for use at home. Hope this helps. Rest you can always consult with your hair stylist for expert opinion.

  7. Ayush at Reply

    hi i am 19 years old boy with medium hair for a boy and recently on may 1, I had cut my hair and applied Godrej natural brown hair color and since then now may 18, I haven’t seen much of the natural brown color from the packet. pls suggest me what should I do? did I do anything wrong? do I need to reapply the colour since it has crossed 15 days?

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