The moment I saw its ad on TV, I felt a strong a temptation to try this cream. The copy editor has really nailed this line “make up nahi karna hai par special dikhna hai” on our collective female psyche. For which girl would not like to use a product that promises to transform skin without having her put on the different layers of makeup? Don’t you die for that natural no makeup look while looking glam and gorgeous at the same time?

Despite repeated warnings by Adam, Eve gave in to the temptation and bit the apple. Now how this so called ‘Glam Up’ powder cream turned out to be and whether it really did its magic makeover on my face, read review to discover.

My Experience with Glam Up Powder Cream

Although, I had a strong desire to try this unique powder cream, I could never actually find it. I looked for this cream in almost all cosmetic stores, supermarkets, and malls in Ludhiana but it was nowhere to be found. Until a few days back, I had a wedding exhibition to attend and to my ultimate horror I discovered that I had run out of my regular CC Cream!

There is no cosmetic store near my place, so I went to a nearby daily needs shop to buy Lacto calamine lotion instead. As I was trying to locate Lacto Calamine lotion, my eyes fell on this bright little sleek tube standing in a corner like a punished girl in the class. My eyes blinked in excitement. I imagined the cream wielding its magic wand on my skin and my face turning perfectly glam for the occasion.

Before I could even try the cream on my skin, hubby gave his disgruntled expression looking at the tube. “Seems cheap to me, you better don’t try this on your skin”, he warned. “Huh..I am the beauty blogger, not you!” Ignoring his requests, I washed my face, dried my skin and applied the cream.


The company says, “Glam-Up glides on your face like your most beloved cream…” but this cream sit on top of my face refusing all efforts to get absorbed! The cream is really difficult to blend. (See the cream sitting on top of my hand skin!)

Texture: Although, the texture is light weight and smooth, it turns powdery as soon as you apply on the skin. Due to its powdery texture it gets stuck on dry areas forming patches on the skin.


A small whiff of this cream on my fingers reminded me of the familiar and artificial rose scent of those cheap massage creams and bleaches used in some parlors. I did not like its fragrance.

Look on My Skin:

Since the cream is slightly pinkish in color, I was expecting the cream to impart a kind of natural pinkish glow to my face. But to my dismay, it made my complexion look unnaturally white and ashy. (See the artificial white look and dryness on my hand!)

Coverage: Other than the ghostly white look, it provides no coverage!


Liked its packaging though! Glam Up comes in a cute little bright red tube with a golden font. Highly travel friendly and you can carry it anywhere in your small pouch/tote/clutch due to its small size.


  • Inexpensive
  • Travel friendly


  • Does not do what it claims
  • Gives ashy and unnatural look to complexion
  • Does not blends well
  • Makes skin look dry and patchy
  • Provides no coverage
  • Full of chemicals

R2B Rating: 1/5

Will I Repurchase: Never.


Overall, Glam Up powder cream is a pure waste of money, time, and resources. It does not do what it claims. A much cheaper calamine lotion provides better brightness and coverage than this so called ‘Glam Up’ cream. And why care for such products when there are so many good BB creams and CC creams in the market from reputed brands!

At the end, I would say that Glam Up powder cream is only for those girls who are crazy for fairness, no matter how it looks and no matter what cost it comes!

Written by Anshulika Chawla


  1. Oops.. Bad that it turns skin ashy…!! Very honest review.. Thanks a lot <3

    • Anshulika Chawla at Reply

      Thanks Lancy for stopping by and liking the review.

  2. what a dud 🙁 Nice review. thanks for saving my money, i was tempted to buy but now i definitely won’t 🙂

    • Anshulika Chawla at Reply

      Its a big put off!

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