plant-based foods to improve hair growth

We all love to stare open-mouthed at the gorgeous, glossy, and waterfall-like mane every time a model flashes her hair in a commercial. I mean, who wouldn’t want to flip her glorious, thick, and shiny hair over her shoulder like that? Or which man wouldn’t want to impress with his thick, gorgeous locks? 

Since none of us are immune to the charm of healthy and beautiful hair, we all rush to grab chemical-laden and artificial products that give us temporary shine and volume. But how many of us stop to consider that the temporary glamour will cost us life-long damage to our already vulnerable hair?

Why not pay those extravagant dollars for some plant-based delicious foods that would not only make your skin glow but also give you life-long thick, lustrous, and healthy hair? All it takes is making good additions to your diet permanently, and the poof – no model in the commercial will be able to compete with your naturally gorgeous and healthy hair. 

Here are some of the secrets to beautiful hair:


You may have occasionally been adding avocados to your salads to your heart and your mind a boost. But did you also know it can work wonders for your hair? 

The healthy fats in avocados distribute moisture all across your body, making the hair stronger hair breakage. Moreover, this green fruit continues to lengthen and strengthen your strands and is an absolute must in your daily diet. 


If you could eat nuts as much as you drive other people nuts, you’d do your hair a great service. In addition to being a quick snack, nuts are sources of protein and vitamin E, elements essential for your hair. 

If you dream of strong and healthy hair, add nuts in some form to your salads, your smoothies, or milkshakes daily. 


This plant-based goodness has more attributes beyond being a wonderful casserole dish at your thanksgiving dinners. It packs loads of health benefits for the human body, including the hair. It contains vital nutrients such as protein, zinc, biotin, and others that boost your hair growth and strengthen the strands against dryness and breakage.


Tell us one thing kale is not good for. This green vegetable is rich in B vitamins, iron, and alkaline foods that are real treats for your hair. Kale also prevents acidity from building up in your body, a process that could destroy your nails and hair. 

With a tremendous nutritious profile, increased alkalinity, your hair will be shiny, long, and strong soon. 


Lentils are excellent sources of biotin, zinc, and proteins. We all know how zinc is responsible for repairing our hair tissues and boosting growth. We also know that biotin is important for strengthening the infrastructure of our keratin. Add in all that with loads of protein, and you know your hair will grow desirably soon. 


Hemp seeds have been in the spotlight since the past few years, and all for good reasons. Hemp seeds are rich in nutrition, including omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are very important because they reduce inflammation in our hair follicles and boost active hair growth. 

Besides this, hemp seeds are also excellent sources of protein, containing all the crucial amino acids. So if you want a one-top, plant-based solution for your hair, this is the best solution. You can add hemp seeds to your yogurts, smoothies, or even sprinkle on your oatmeal. 


Popeye is not the only one who can benefit from spinach. This leafy-green vegetable packs a ton of minerals and vitamins, including iron, folate, and vitamins A and C. How can your hair not grow with all these elements present in your body?

Spinach is the best ingredient for boosting your iron intake. It is so versatile and can be a part of your meals in the form of artichoke dip, salads, chickpea fritter bowl, mac and cheese, hummus, and countless other delicious ways. 


Hair growth couldn’t get easier or cheaper than cucumbers. Can you ever refuse to enjoy a ton of minerals at a barely noticeable cost?

Mineral silica is present in cucumbers and is responsible for promoting health, strength, and shine in your nails, skin, and hair. If your body has been neglecting the collagen, you can improve it with a cucumber a day. As a result, your hair will stop breaking, start recovering, and start looking gorgeous and lustrous without added chemicals. 


Be it your sweet cravings, being a Halloween star, or boosting your hair growth, trust pumpkin to do it all like a pro for you. Pumpkin is the prime source of vitamin A and can address the deficiencies in your body that could be causing hair loss. 

Since vitamin A is present in ample amounts in a pumpkin, you can rest assured that not only your hair but your skin will benefit tremendously too. Vitamin A assists the production of sebum in your skin glands and moisturizes your scalp and skin overall for healthy skin and hair. 


Many of us are not aware of Acai, especially containing loads of omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins. So what does it for your hair?

Acai moisturizes your skin and hair, prevents dryness and breakage, and gives it an overall improvement with the antioxidants’ help. Acai is also versatile, and you can use it in powder form or the frozen packs in supermarkets. 

It works well in a smoothie or simply an Acai bowl a day. 


Berries are simply lovely. They not only look beautiful, but the antioxidants in them are the best for your overall health. The antioxidants work to neutralize your free radicals that could cause several health complications and premature aging.

Furthermore, vitamin C goodness is a greater booster for your hair health too. We don’t need to tell you how to incorporate berries in your diet; they’re delicious in any and every way. 


We can tackle a lot of our hair problems with some of the best gifts of nature. Plant-based foods work better than any store-bought products and give your hair long-lasting benefits. If your hair loss continues to persist, try using laser caps with a plant-based diet to counteract the problem.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


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