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What exactly do canines bring to the table?

Canines offer more than can be discussed in one article. From time immemorial, they have shown loyalty, intelligence and have been worthy companions to humans.

They are amazing animals that offer so much to the human race. Depending on the breed, they can provide help as emotional support animals, secure you and your property, provide intelligence for investigations and conducting searches, among other roles.

It is for this reason that this dog breed guide is aimed at unveiling some features of different breeds of canines.

So, you should keep reading if you are interested in knowing the benefits of having a furry companion around.

How Many Canine Breeds Are Available?

dog breed guide

The official number of breeds available is dependent on the association that releases the figure, as well as the yardstick for their judgment. As a result, you should not be too quick to say a particular figure as there are contradictory figures from a cross-section of associations.

For instance, the AKC (American Kennel Club) only recognized 195 breeds in the first month in the year 2020. This is even though some web pages were able to list over 500 breeds all over the world.

Also, the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) which is arguably the world’s organization for canines has different statistics. The association identified somewhere around 340 breeds.

Against this backdrop, you can see that there is no unanimous figure as the numbers are determined by yardsticks used to validate an animal as a dog or not.

The Best Dog Breeds for Different Purposes

We have established that our furry buddies can do a whole lot of things. However, some breeds outperform others because of their natural features. On this note, the next segments will address our best 5 options for several categories.

The Best Child-Friendly Dogs

Getting a furry companion for your child is a wonderful idea. This action comes with a lot of psychological, physical, and mental health benefits.

For instance, children that are exposed to these creatures have been proven to have an improved immune system as they are not easily susceptible to ailments.

Also, from a psychological stance, such kids tend to have an improved sense of belonging and responsibility. They learn early in life to watch out for others. For more information on why a dog is ideal for your kid(s), you can read this article.

However, the breed choice is equally important. This is because some are not so child-friendly. Examples of such include Akitas, Chihuahuas, Australian Shepards, and many more.

In light of this, some of the best child-friendly breeds include the following:



Shih Tzu


Golden Retriever

The Best Emotional Support Dogs

There is a mental health benefit of having a dog(s) around. However, not every kind is great at offering this feature. Canines that fall into this category are intelligent, lovable, considerate, and possess many other attributes.

Due to their amazing attributes, they can help people with disabilities, those going through a traumatic state, aged people, and many more.

So, people who need such dogs should only go for those that can help in this regard. The following furry creatures have been identified as some of the best emotional support dogs:

German Shepard

Labrador Retriever


Golden Retriever


The Best Guard/Security Dogs

This has been one of the popular qualities of dogs from way back. Many breeds, especially large ones can keep you and your property safe. They are loyal and committed to ensuring that no one intrudes into your space or takes undue advantage of you.

Also, many of these dogs have been engaged by security forces (including the military) for combat operations. Below are some of the breeds that can carry out safeguarding roles:




Doberman Pinscher


For more canine options that are great for security purposes, you can visit:

On a Final Note

In this article, we have listed five breeds of canines in each category discussed here. First, you should know that there are more than the listed canines in this article.

Also, the ability of any dog in this category to perform the functions discussed is dependent on how it was raised. As a result, you should purchase your dog from a qualified breeder. This saves you the stress of having to deal with a dog that was not properly crossbred or raised. And just in case you choose to get yours from a shelter, you should know what you are up against. This is because many canines that end up in the shelter have a past that explains complications in their physical, mental, and psychological state.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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