Have you ever worn colored contact lenses? These medical devices provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to experiment with the color of their eyes by choosing a model that suits their skin tone.

The majority of colored contacts are decorative although brands offer corrective lenses in various colors as well. These devices are capable of enhancing your natural eye color, make it lighter, or change it completely. Purchasing colored lenses for cosmetic purposes still requires buyers to get a prescription.

When looking for the best place to buy contacts online, buyers are advised to check the reputation, shipping, and return policy of retailers.

These useful tips will help you select the best online vendor.

Get a prescription

Even though you’ll be buying colored lenses online, it’s paramount to get a contact lens prescription from an optometrist. Colored contacts are no exception when it comes to obtaining a prescription despite their cosmetic role of altering eyes’ appearance. An optometrist is supposed to prescribe the right size of lenses for you to buy in order not to experience any discomfort while wearing them.

Moreover, the optometrist will advise you to order contacts from an FDA-approved online vendor so as to avoid adverse consequences, such as getting an eye infection. The retailer is expected to ask for a prescription copy or verify the information on the prescription. An online seller that doesn’t ask for such information isn’t supposed to be trusted.

The prescription should consist of essential information such as your name, the name of the prescriber, the eye exam date, the diameter and curvature of the colored lenses, as well as the prescription expiration date. Most contact lens prescriptions are valid for a minimum of one year. All this information should be filled in the online prescription form for the vendor to provide you with contacts that match the optometrist requirements.

Check the retailer’s reputation

The following step of every buyer should be checking the reputation of online retailers before making a purchase. Buyers are encouraged to visit the Better Business Bureau site to check if previous customers have filed complaints against the vendors on their shortlist. Businesses with more than a couple of complaints by former customers shouldn’t be taken into consideration.

best place to buy colored contacts online

In addition, reliable lens vendors sell products that are approved by the FDA, which means the contacts are safe to wear. These sellers are expected to have a telephone number posted on their websites in order for customers to get in touch with them over the phone. An established vendor should provide excellent customer service, fair return policies, a secure website, and a vast range of products. Make sure you inspect all of these factors prior to buying a pair of colored contact lenses.

Check the assortment of products

Another crucial thing to check is the assortment of products provided by online vendors. Since you aren’t looking for vision-correcting contacts, make sure the retailer offers a vast selection of Plano lenses in a multitude of colors like grey, brown, green, blue, black, silver, pink, and purple. These are available in multiple tints in compliance with buyers’ preferences.

For instance, online retailers should provide shoppers with a choice of models with enhancement, visibility, opaque, and custom tint. Also, they need to offer models for daily, weekly, or monthly use. If you plan to alter the color of your eyes only occasionally, contacts for daily use would be the best choice. It’ll give you a chance to experiment with various colors before opting for a favorite, as daily lenses are disposed of after each use. Click here for some handy tips about putting in colored contacts.

Check shipping and return policies

After choosing a pair of colored lenses, get informed about delivery time the cost of shipping. The majority of colored lens vendors take about ten business days to get the products delivered to customers within the USA. In contrast, orders outside the USA take approximately fourteen business days to be shipped.

Furthermore, customers are provided with a tracking number after placing the order so as to track the package. Most established sellers offer free shipping worldwide as a way to encourage shoppers to order a product. Anyhow, express shipping always comes at a price.

The return and refund policy of retailers is to be inspected as well. Sellers are expected to offer a fair exchange and refund policy to customers in case the products fail to meet their expectations. However, the largest part of vendors requires the items to be in a returnable condition in order to get a refund. The returned products should be in their original packaging with all the seals and labels. Keep in mind that return shipping isn’t usually covered by the seller but paid by the client.

Consider the cost

The price range of coloured contact lenses is incredibly vast, depending on a variety of factors. The style and type of contacts have a tremendous influence on price, which makes custom tint models the costliest. Also, bear in mind that the return policy of most sellers doesn’t include the return of custom contacts, as these models are tailored to buyers’ specific requirements.

Moreover, the brand of lenses plays an important role in price as well. High-end, FDA-approved brands are costlier than low-end brands with no guarantee. Also, the eye exam that you need to schedule in order to get a prescription should be calculated in your budget. These exams cost approximately a hundred dollars but the cost varies across clinics.

Never purchase a product until you’ve compared prices from different online retailers. Those offering low-cost models are to be taken with a grain of salt, as you don’t want to wear eye devices made from cheap materials. Your eyes deserve nothing but the best products to avoid infections and injuries.

Final thoughts contact lens vendors should provide an extensive range of products, free worldwide shipping, and at least a one-month guarantee!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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