Eyebrow treatments are becoming increasingly widespread over the years. With several options available from temporary to permanent solutions, the focus all boils down to finding the right treatment which will give a natural and authentic feel.

The use of henna to tint the skin has been an old age tradition for centuries. People have been using henna on the skin as body art, hair, and as a makeup additive for thousands of years. Henna has been used to stain the skin on the eyebrows providing a fuller and well-defined look.

For those struggling with little or non-existent eyebrows, henna might just be what you need to get that bold and natural look. Henna brows are everything a girl ever dreamed of.

Why is henna eyebrow tint becoming so popular?

In the beauty and cosmetic industry, the race towards finding a natural and authentic look has become ever so dire. Henna offers a semi-permanent solution for receding or over-plucked eyebrows.  

Henna on eyebrows can be found ranging from various colours with shades available depending on preference. Since there isn’t much variety when it comes to colour, many individuals prefer combining two or more shades to get the right shade they require. Henna eyebrows can last from two to ten days and reform the eyebrows to look temporarily filled.

Henna brow tint stays longer on the brow hairs unlike regular tint, which only sticks for around four weeks. Henna brow tint will last up to six weeks if done correctly. The natural plant-based ingredients of henna tint differ greatly from regular traditional tint which comprises chemicals and additives.

Henna tint lasts considerably longer on individuals who have dry skin than oily skin. Oily skin breaks up the henna at a higher speed, therefore, making it fade faster.

The application process

Henna brows can be done at the local spa or any beauty center available in your area. The process is simple and can also be done in the comfort of your home with the right products.

It is best to advise the artist of any topical products or creams that you might be on. This is important especially before the application process as it will determine whether applying the henna will be the right choice to make.

The first step is to ensure that the eyebrow area is clean and devoid of dirt or any oils. The face should be free of makeup, to avoid any reaction with the skin. Prior exfoliation a day or more before the application process will help the henna penetrate better resulting in a bolder appearance for DIYs.

The next step entails measuring and shaping the eyebrows to give out the final impression of how they will look after the process. It is best to ensure that you are satisfied with the shape and size of the eyebrows before proceeding.

Professionals use ratio measurements to ensure they get the perfect brow size and shape proceeding. A white paste is thereafter applied on the edges of the brows to ensure precision and a sharp outline. This also acts as a barrier to erase any stray lines during the process.

The application process has to be extremely precise and accurate. The application is done with an angled brush and the edges with a pointed swab to wipe away excess or extra henna. The henna can be mixed with a colour corrector to help remove stains caused by tinting the eyebrows.

The henna then sits on the brows for around ten to twenty minutes. The longer the henna stays on the eyebrows, the darker the result will be. Afterwards, the henna is wiped off and the eyebrows shaped to provide the perfect outcome

Be sure to avoid direct sunlight exposure before and after the process, to enable the henna to settle well without external tampering.

Benefits of henna eyebrows tint

There are several benefits of applying henna tint on the eyebrows:

  • Low-risk treatment

The natural components of henna make it a low-risk treatment. People with already dry skin will appear dryer with the constant henna application. . Henna is a natural exfoliate, therefore people with dry skin should not leave it on for long. It is important to note that not all black henna is the same. Most black hennas contain a chemical called PPD which is responsible for the brown tint which can cause allergic reactions with certain skin types. Therefore, it is advisable to do a patch test at least forty-eight hours before application to ensure that the henna being used is not reactive.

  • Encourage hair growth

The natural plant-based ingredients of henna stimulate hair growth over time. The henna provides nutrients necessary for hair growth, by strengthening the hair follicles and encouraging them to grow faster.

  • 3D effect

Henna brow tint creates a 3D effect on the brows giving it a fuller transformation. By tinting the skin in between the hairs, there is no need for an additional eyebrow pencil as the brows are fully defined.

Maintaining henna eyebrow tint is easy and requires basic principles. For instance, it is best to avoid water on the face for the next forty-eight hours to give the henna adequate time to imprint on the skin. Using an oil-based makeup remover is also not advisable as the oil will prompt the henna to come right off.

The henna needs to oxidize well before starting a new henna application process. Over-processing of the skin immediately after will cause further damage than good. The re-application process can be considered from around six weeks after application. This gives the skin the right amount of time to grow and heal before another henna application.

After noticing the henna is starting to fade off, a brow pencil can be incorporated into the daily skin routine to enhance the eyebrows before the next appointment. Frequent henna tint applications can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for a few weeks before re-application to give the skin adequate time to breathe and recuperate.

Written by Anshulika Chawla


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