Tips for Finding an Affordable Apartment

Affordable apartments seem to be more and more difficult to find.  We all want housing we can budget for. Yet, the housing market and the price of real estate have made it so that people who would usually stop having roommates in their early 20s are still living with other people; they aren’t romantically involved with, well into their thirties.

If you’re on a quest for housing you can afford, and you aren’t sure where to even start, here are the top four tips you should consider while on your housing journey.

Have a Strict List of Needs

The most important starting point is to have an intensive list of your needs. For example, do you have a pet they need to accommodate for?  Is there a specific zip code you want because it’s where you work?  Write out a strict list of things that your future apartment has to have, and then consider your list and ensure each piece is reasonable.

It’s good to know your value and worth, but don’t go for items that you couldn’t afford if you tried to or that you see no apartment in your budget would have. For example, don’t ask for marble counters when your budget is six hundred dollars a month!

Compare Between Apps and Sites

It’s a good idea to go between multiple apps and websites to find the best deal you can.  This can seem frustrating since you’re more likely to see homes for sale in Toronto than apartments up for rent: but don’t let this defeat you!  Instead, download the top apps and try to find what speaks to you.  If you download one singular app, you could be stuck getting overcharged, and those other apps may have listings you would never see on the first application.

Consider Settling for a Roommate

Roommates are a cheat code that makes apartment living far more affordable.  They can split the expenses with you, give you the chance to afford a better complex, and ensure that you never feel lonely or isolated in city living.  If you chose to go the roommate route, you should try to find someone you get along with.  They don’t have to be your best friend, just someone who agrees with you on the big things in life so that you won’t drive each other up the wall fighting about politics or other touchy subjects.

Research Every Unit You Like

Every time an apartment comes up that might suit you, try to research it and dig a little deeper.  Some apartments will serve you while being too expensive, while others could be cheaper and let you sit under a bar or other loud environment that would make it miserable for you.  Taking the time to look into these could save you from moving in, sight unseen, and realizing they’re not what you want. 

Apartment numbers are rising, and more are becoming available every day: unfortunately, their prices aren’t dropping. So taking the time to research, know what you want, and know how much you can save you from heartache later.

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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  1. Mats Wolff at Reply

    Its great when you said that we have get roommates to have a cheaper rent. One of my friend wants to rent a house so he wants to contact a real estate agent to help him do so. Thanks for the tips on finding an affordable apartment and I hope that my friend can find a good house for himself soon.

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