6 Hair Colors To Boost Your Mood

With everything that goes on in the world, sometimes we just need a pick-me-up. It could be a cosy day at home with your favourite book, a bit of retail therapy – whatever you deem as pure bliss, take care of yourself and treat yourself to a fun activity to put a smile back on your face.

For some, the ultimate pick-me-up could be a makeover. You may have longed for luscious hair colour, and when you’re feeling down is a better time than any to make the change. Your hair will be refreshed, bold and luscious, all things that would definitely boost our mood!

So dare to be different, dare to be bold, and throw yourself out of your comfort zone – trust us, these hair colours will definitely revolutionize your style and your mood!

Ginger Spice

Ginger hair is punchy, bold and adds a little edge to your personal style. Just look at the gorgeous Helen Anderson with her beautiful ginger bangs and layered hair – it totally blends in with her glam rock vibes! You can also make it a bit more feminine by rocking some loose waves – think Jessica Chastain red carpet vibes. Either way, you’ll feel sassy, empowered and ready to rock the statement shade!

Silver Style

silver style hair color to boost mood

Silver tones are soft, feminine but also striking. They draw all attention to your facial features and allow you to rock heavier makeup styles. Though this requires more maintenance (silver shampoo will soon become your best friend), it is so worth it. You’ll have that Scandinavian blonde look 24/7! If you love minimalist looks, the silver-blonde style will go beautifully with your wardrobe. Think street style vibes!

Sweet Caramel

sweet caramel hair colour to boost mood

Opt for a sweet look with a caramel shade – caramel balayage is stunning and regularly overlooked. It will help make your skin look more sun-kissed and give you a glow that you’ve never known. Caramel balayage gives a glossy finish to your locks, and they are super simple to maintain – an effortless look that will turn that frown upside down, and turn heads. Think Jennifer Lopez – a true style icon!

Cherry Red

cherry red hair colour to boost mood

Dianne Buswell always gives off serious Ariel vibes with her vibrant red locks. She always looks amazing with them, and it always adds a little edge to her girly style. Though bolder shades require maintenance, the bright red look will gain admirers and will give some energy to you and your look. It’s a playful look that will add a bit of vibrancy to your life!

Pastel Pink

If there is a colourful look we will never tire of, it’s pastel pink. Obviously it is a feminine shade that looks gorgeous on all skin tones – particularly lighter ones. If you want to get really experimental, get a balayage in a hot pink to have several shades of one of our favourite colours running through your hair. You will jump out of bed every morning to style your luscious locks!

Perfect Prune

prune hair colour to boost mood

We love prune – it’s like a dark brown with purple highlights running through it. It’s bold, yet dark and sultry. It’s packed with attitude and can be paired with a wine-coloured lipstick for an elegant finish. Perfect for achieving those rocknroll vibes, prune will be your next go-to colour, and you’ll love accessorizing it with gold hair accessories for a bit of added texture! You’ll love seeing your light hitting your hair and revealing its purple undertones. To maintain the bold shade, don’t wash your hair until 72 hours after colouring – that way you won’t lose that vivacious finish!

Written by Anshulika Chawla

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